5 Easy Ways to Maximize the Weekend—and Make It Feel Like a Vacation

Treating the weekends like a mini vacation could be the key to a better week. That's right: One simple mindset change of approaching Saturday and Sunday differently results in a happier and more satisfied existence come Monday, according to a behavioral science project conducted by researchers at UCLA and published in the Harvard Business Review. Of the nearly 1,000 project participants, those who adopted "vacation" behaviors—spending more time with loved ones, focusing on the present, resting more—reported a more positive emotional start to the week. It's an uplifting idea considering the need (stress is an issue for most modern workers) and how simple it is to implement. The research is also particularly symphonic to team UMA's ears as it echoes some of Ayurveda's major tenets of listening to your body and honoring your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

To help create a more regenerative weekend, we rounded up five incredibly simple ways to unlock more mindfulness—and create a vacation-like vibe. Here's to more in-the-moment Saturdays and Sundays.

Take A Bath

When you're enveloped in warm water and essential oils it's hard not to concentrate on anything beyond the soothing present. Add a few drops of UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil and indulge in a restorative soak. You'll continue to reap the benefits afterwards. (Studies show that taking a bath can help encourage relaxation and  induce more restful sleep.)

Light a Candle

Either to light the bathroom while you soak, or to add ambiance while you read, there's something about a lit candle that pulls you into the moment.


Fill Your Cup

The weekends afford more time to relish in everyday activities, making them so much more enjoyable. Fill your morning cup, wrap your hands around you mug, and settle in for a little while, letting your mind wander. Even better: Consider swapping coffee for nutrient-rich tea or this Saffron Latte from The Fullest, which boasts an abundance of healing and regenerative antioxidants all thanks to our favorite spice.


Read (A Real Book)

It's an understatement to say that we all need to put our phones down more. Our screens captivate too much of our time. But what doesn't grab our attention as much are books—the healthier way to consume information and narratives. Book reading has been showed to reduce stress and increase intelligence—two things that encourage a more regenerative weekend.




Act Like a Tourist

Chances are that your city is teeming with amazing gems—museums, art shows, nature walks—that you've never seen. Pretend you're a tourist in your own town and plan a day of exploring. This will add to the mini-vacation vibes and up your happiness come Monday. 

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