Behind-the-Scenes: The Oscars Beauty Scoop from an Insider


Oscars Beauty Scoop

We’ve been fawning over all the epic red carpet looks from this awards season, which is why we jumped at the chance to find out Oscars beauty trends and tips from an insider: TV host Diane Mizota.  Read on to find out her beauty secrets and her favorite red carpet beauty trends.

Why are you going to the Oscars this year? Have you been before?

This year I am hosting the Academy's official Oscar second screen experience, which will be live streaming coverage from the red carpet and have exclusive backstage access during the show broadcast on,, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook and Comcast X1.  

I have been to the Oscars before, about 20 years ago when I performed on them as a dancer!  I danced on the show for two years and when they gave us tickets to sit in the audience one year, I got to watch the show from the balcony.  It's kind of mind-blowing to think I'll be hosting coverage right in the middle of the action this year.  

Lupita Oscars Beauty   

Who was your red carpet idol last year? This awards season so far?

Last year, I was, and still am, such a fan of Lupita Nyong'o, not only for her performances but I love her style.  It seems effortless, young, chic and modern.  Fresh and not fussy, I just LOVE her.

This year, I'm really rooting for Brie Larson to win.  As far as red carpet style goes, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett never fail to impress, and J.Lo killed it in that chartreuse draped number at the Golden Globes.  I love fashion and women who make bold choices, so the Oscars are like the Fashion Olympics to me.  I'm dying that I'll get to see the gowns up close.  

What look are you trying to emulate or create this year?

I am a boho/tomboy kind of girl at heart, so when my stylist friend Sam Saboura asked me what kind of gown I want to wear, I seriously had no idea.  After looking and trying some gowns on, I definitely want to feel like me, so something with either a boho, flowy element or clean, architectural lines, that's what I gravitate towards.  I'm not going for my princess moment, after all, I'm working and need to feel comfortable to be able to give my best at my job.  

What’s in your Oscars beauty arsenal for this year?

I try to take good care of my skin year round being on camera so much, but I also like to keep my routine simple and clean.  Uma's brightening oil has been a staple of my face routine morning and night, it's the first thing I put on in the morning and the evening, and this winter I finally did not have the dull, dry, scaly patches that my face usually gets around that time of year.  After the oil, I spray on Susan Ciminelli Sea Water, followed by her Marine Lotion for maximum moisturizing before I put on sunscreen or anything else.  I'm finding that those three layers are key to keep skin looking luminous under makeup and to keep makeup from settling into my fine lines, especially around my eyes.  I'm loving Kjaer Weis organic foundation for camera, and individual false eyelashes make a world of difference, dramatic, yet natural and pretty.

I'm also taking yoga two to three times a week, dancing, meditating, the whole beauty and wellness arsenal is in full swing from the inside out!  

Diane Oscars Beauty Trends 

We have to ask—what are you wearing?

I still don't know!!! I am the type of woman who wants to have this squared away ASAP, but in the dance of borrowing Oscar gowns, Sam assured me that things fall into place in the very last week.  Yikes!  I have faith that it's all going to work out and the right dress will come my way.  And plan B? I have my eye on an off the rack dress that I know I'll wear again if I have to buy it.  Stay tuned.  You can keep up with my whole dress selection process over on my blog.

Oscars Beauty Trends 

What’s one red carpet beauty trend from this year you love?

I'm loving a matte lip saturated with color.  That's not a look I can pull off every day, so it's a really fun one to try when you're all dressed up.  That being said, it's a little high maintenance, but a fun way to add drama to your look.  

Any tips for women who want to create a red carpet look at home?

Absolutely!  My biggest tip is to try out new trends, but to always feel like yourself.  If you've ventured too far into a costume or dressing up like someone else, it's not going to feel comfortable.  When you're going out and want to try a new look, just pick one trend and keep the rest simple and true to your own style.  Maybe a bold lip, or over-sized earrings, or sky high heels. Just edit and you will always look stylish and chic.  

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