Elements and Obsessions: Our Weekly Reading List

At UMA, we're constantly reading, researching, discussing, and—to be frank—obsessing over what's new and noteworthy in the wellness ecosystem. You'll find what's intriguing us here, corralled in one place. If you have an article or idea to send our way, please email us at: contact@umaoils.com. 

Adaptogens: Everything You Need to Know via Basenotes

In this smart, thorough article writer Alice Chen breaks down what, exactly, adaptogens are, how we can consume them, and why they're so beneficial. A clear, concise, educative read. 

 Can Farming Make Space for Nature? via The New Yorker

We've never hear of "multifunctional farming" until now. It's a brilliant idea that is built around a reverence for natural, organic processes. In essence: Let the land do its thing. 

Real Orgasms and Transcendent Pleasure via NPR

There's an awakening and understanding happening around female pleasure—and more and more people seem to be open to talking about it. We're on board—and thrilled. 

The New Valentine’s Day Is Coming for All Your Relationships via The Atlantic

The pseudo holiday is becoming more and more popular within platonic relationships, from best friends to pet owners. Is this a positive change or a capitalistic development? It's an interesting argument posed in this interesting piece.

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