The UMA Oil Files: Why Grapefruit Is an Uplifting, Clarifying, Boosting Ingredient for Skin (and Body)

A vibrant, lively, bulbous fruit, grapefruit has long been lauded for its high concentration of vitamin C. It first became known as a nutritious food in the West Indies, where it grew abundantly on trees. Eventually the people, foods, and cultural pastimes of the South American island countries made their way to the mainland of North America, bringing with them the grapefruit. Today the trees grow across most countries where citrus foods abound. It's widely loves for its juicy, pulpy, sweet meat—but beyond its nutrients, grapefruit is also brilliant for its ability to clarify skin, unclog pores, and aid in better circulation.

At UMA, we use the essential oil found in the grapefruit's rind for its uplifting, energizing aroma, antimicrobial activities, and clarifying capabilities. Our grapefruit essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of grapefruits that are organically and sustainably grown, resulting in a pure ingredient for our brightening elixirs. For shinier, lustrous hair, grapefruit is a star ingredient in our Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil. The citrus helps to boost blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthier, more vital strands.

This ability to promote better circulation adds to grapefruit's qualities. Studies show the flavonoids—naturally occurring compounds found in various fruits and vegetables—can have a positive impact on vascular health, thus improving blood flow throughout the body. This makes it an ultimate ingredient in our Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil and Absolute Anti Aging Balm. Applying this deliberately and sensuously to the body leads to skin that is dewy, toned, and ultimately radiant.

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