How to Switch your Skincare Routine to Winter

How to Switch your Skincare Routine to Winter


The one downside to sweater-weather? Chilly winds that cause dry, dull-looking skin. Begin to transition your skincare routine early in the season, to smooth your way into the cold territory while keeping a natural glow. We’ve rounded up 3 easy tips to help keep your skin healthy and dewy year-round. Plus, a surprise oil launch we hope you’ll love!

Exfoliate, exfoliate

Yes, you heard that right! Exfoliation is key going into the colder months. Sloughing off dead skin cells prevents flaking, assists with cell renewal, brightens up your complexion and allows your decadent treatments to better absorb into the dermis.

Ultra Brightening Face Mask: This fast-acting mask instantly enhances dry or dull skin, creating a luminous complexion and creating a coveted dewy glow. Papaya and Orange Peel promote cellular turnover through a gentle peeling action, removing any flakiness for supple skin.

Switch to a richer moisturizer

Lightweight skincare doesn’t hold up against harsh winds and lowering temps. But heavy isn’t necessarily better! Face oils are ideal to keep your face soft and healthy throughout the chilly months without weighing it down. Oils

Total Rejuvenation Face Oil: An ultra-rich overnight formula that deeply moisturizes and softens, to minimize the appearance of fine lines and provide smooth, supple skin. Lemon essential oil complements the skin’s natural moisture production process, for soft and intensely moisturized skin in the morning.

And don’t forget your eyes...

If your skin needs extra pampering...

For those of us who experience severely dry skin or eczema with changing seasons, it is important to implement preventive measures early on. Our new Fall launch has been specifically formulated to soothe, hydrate and balance extra sensitive skin types.

Discover the NEW Deep Nourish Dryness Treatment

deepnourishdrynesstreatment-foruploadAn ultra-soothing treatment that has been passed down by family matriarchs for generations, to strengthen the skin of children and adults alike. Pure and potent botanicals deliver healing benefits that are powerful enough to alleviate discomfort from eczema and extreme dryness, yet gentle enough to soothe even a child’s sensitive skin. This delicate formula embodies the notion of harmony at the root of Ayurveda, as it helps to both balance and calm irritated skin.

What’s in it?
Lavender and Chamomile essential oils deliver lasting moisture and minimize irritation Patchouli essential oil relieves inflammation and combats bacteria. Carried in a rich formula of jojoba, avocado, hemp seed and sesame oils, for rapid hydration and lasting healing

How to use it?
Apply this powerful treatment to dry, irritated or outbreak-prone areas in the morning and evening after cleansing, or as often as required in the day, until the irritation and flakiness subside. You can also add a few drops to your favorite lotions, oils and masks for an extra anti-inflammatory and deep hydration boost, as well as to prevent outbreaks.

What makes it special
Deep Nourish primary healing capabilities come from a higher concentration of essential oils that help disinfect and regenerate your skin. It is also formulated with more carrier oils for deep nourishment. Making it ideal for people with eczema-prone and severely dry skin.

Always wear SPF

Lastly, remember that SPF is a year-round requirement! Even if you’re not soaking up sunshine like Summer, you’ll still want to protect your skin from sun damage.


How do you transition your skincare to the colder months? Share in the comments!

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