Meet UMA’s Newest Additions: Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil & Deeply Clarifying Face Mask!


Here at UMA, we pride ourselves on handcrafting essential oil blends in the Ayurvedic tradition to be the most beneficial mixtures for our clients various concerns.

We’re happy to announce the addition of two new products that harness age old Ayurvedic secrets to help your skin glow...



While your face may be aging gracefully (or not aging at all), if you don’t hydrate your body or use sunscreen it can be a dead give away to your actual age.

Ward off the signs of aging with our new Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil. The lightweight yet highly nourishing luxurious blend of oils contains neroli, rose, and sandalwood with a base of jojoba, pomegranate and moringa oils. They work together to enhance cellular turnover but are lightweight enough to absorb into your skin without leaving any residue.



If you’re prone to breakouts, but your skin needs a little bit more TLC, try the new Deeply Clarifying Face Mask (an extension of our Deeply Clarifying Face Oil).

With a base of Kaolene Clay and Fuller’s Earth, the mask contains antibacterial agents like turmeric, clove and neem to draw out impurities from deep within pores and curtail excess sebum production. Aloe vera and rosemary work to soothe skin and orange peel stimulates cellular regeneration to fade acne scarring. It is potent enough to work quickly and effectively to treat blemishes yet gentle enough for any skin.

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