The Best Anti-Aging Oils

The best anti aging oils

Anti-aging skin care takes many forms and the variety of products out there can make it hard to find which products are right for you. A good place to start? With natural ingredients proven to be effective, and that repair and heal without the lingering side-effects of synthetic beauty products. In this handy guide (complete with an easy to share infographic!), we pick our favorite, all-natural essential oils that would be perfect for treating wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Furthermore, since aging goes beyond what's visible physically (the aging process subjects us to mental and emotional changes as well), we have picked essential oils that also promote mental, physical and emotional health. Ensuring that care and treatment go beyond the surface of our skins, these essential oils put the “Absolute” in our Absolute Anti Aging line of products! Frankincense Oil Due to its deeply restorative and anti aging properties, frankincense works effectively to turn skin cells over for the reduced appearance of wrinkles, spots, and fine lines. Used for thousands of years, this essential oil goes above and beyond our skin’s needs to aid relaxation and promote mental wellbeing. Rose Essential Oil Among the rarest and the most difficult oils to extract is the highly coveted rose essential oil. Known for its excellent moisture retention properties and brightening capabilities, this soft yet intensive oil is excellent for maturing skin. Beyond skincare benefits, rose essential oil also stimulates a strong sense of well-being and positivity through improving the body’s circulatory system and boosting the immune system. Not to mention, its sweet and refreshing scent will have you smelling like a million bucks (while looking it too!). Sandalwood Oil UMA founder Shrankhla names sandalwood oil as her favorite - and with good reason! Among the oldest-known materials used for its exotic scent, sandalwood oil’s uses vary widely from its effects on skin health to stress alleviation. This essential oil not only hydrates and heals skin to achieve its most balanced and healthy state, but also relaxes spasms of nerves, muscles and blood vessels. As an anti aging catalyst, sandalwood oil also works to tighten and soothe skin for younger-looking, fresh-feeling skin. Neroli Essential Oil Derived from the rich blossoms of the bitter orange tree, neroli essential oil repairs and brightens the skin. Helping minimize wrinkles and fine lines, the high concentration of vitamins in neroli oil helps improve elasticity by aiding the skin's natural regeneration processes. Plus it is loaded with Ayurvedic therapy benefits! Anxiety relieving, neroli oil calms and soothes. For insomnia, shock, and even heart palpitations, this potent oil comes in handy - helping maintain both inner and outer beauty!

best anti-aging oils




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