The UMA Oil Files: The Best Oils for Oily Skin and Enlarged Pores

The illuminating series The UMA Oil Files will detail several popular - as well as niche and undiscovered - oils that address your most pressing skincare questions on face oils and how to use them. See our popular prior feature on the The Best Oils for Dry Skin and the difference between Essential Oils and Carrier Oils here.

Oily Skin

Clary Sage is an excellent essential oil for oily skin because it has the unique properties of working with skin cells (at the subdermal layer) to “regulate” sebum production, all naturally. So instead of trying to artificially ‘dry out’ your skin using synthetic agents (which usually have the opposite effect at the cellular level – artificially stripped of oil, skin goes into panic mode to produce even more oil to try and balance the oil loss!). Clary sage is a very elegant, and deeply therapeutic solution to oily skin because of its unique moderation properties.

As a carrier oil, good ol’ Jojoba is one of our top choices for oily skins. Because it resembles the actual molecular structure of your skin, it not only is able to rapidly penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients subdermally, but also ‘tricks’ your skin into believing that it has produced enough oil, and more oil production is not necessary.

Combination Skin

Does well with a carrier oil like Maracuja (derived from passionfruit plants). It is light and absorbent and also makes for a great body oil. It is usually well tolerated by most skin types and has a neutral scent, appreciated by many.

For Oily or Combination Skin, UMA Recommends: 



Enlarged pores

Lemon essential oil is super-powered natural astringent which repairs skin rapidly, and tightens pores. One word of caution – it is slightly photosensitive, so use in generous quantities, but safely diluted in a carrier at night.

Chamomile is another powerful skin repair and pore tightening essential oil. Rich in an extraordinary naturally occurring compound Azulene, it – like Frankincense – helps cellular turnover. Older dead cells are usually pore causing so fight that with new, repaired cells – all naturally.

As a carrier oil, pomegranate or jojoba are your best bets. Because of their ultra small molecules that can penetrate the skin quickly, delivering potent nutrients – but without the slickness that can sit on your skin, giving pores an appearance of enlargement!

It is worthwhile to note that good cleansing, gentle exfoliation, frequent masking and water based skincare such as a great alcohol-free toner (rose water and cucumber water are some of our favorite bases) are important allies in your fight against larger pores.

For Enlarged Pores, UMA Recommends:



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