UMA Citron Glow: Radiance from Within

"The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money." - Thomas Jefferson.

UMA Citron Glow Body Balm
Pick any Ayurvedic literature (most literature anywhere in the world, really) that talks about beauty and happiness and you will find that the phrase “real beauty comes from within” is oft-quoted and a bit of an eternal truth. You glow differently when you are in harmony with your body and the nature. UMA Citron Glow, a wonderfully reviving and calming blend of aromas, created with the goodness of mandarin, orange, and neroli keeps you invigorated all day and blissful all evening. To ensure your inner glow shines its brightest. 

The term "ojas" which refers to the body's intrinsic energy reserves, fuels our inner glow. Ojas fuels our ferocious physical and mental energy, as well as our drive and passion, like oil in a lamp. Ojas appears as radiant skin when it is frequently replenished.

The greatest approach to nourishing your Ojas is to take care of yourself. By consuming healthy foods and thinking positive thoughts, you can best nourish your body and mind. UMA’s Citron Glow collection is here to support you with that very specific intention. With this revitalizing, nourishing, and glow-ifying formula, you can soak up the exhilarating warmth of a sun-kissed field.

Meet UMA Citron Glow: an aroma that feels like forest-bathing and basking in the freshness and glory of nature. Celebrate the joys of living simply and sweetly!

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