The UMA Ayurveda Podcast: Understanding Marma Points within Ayurveda with Damian Hagglund

Damian Hagglund was brought into being by an Australian mother and Swedish father. He was born in Bali and grew up in India with traditional and tribal Ayurveda as a way of life. He has been living and educating in the west for fifteen years and is excited to share his perspective on health and wellness in today’s times, particularly how Ayurveda unlocked the key to his digestive health. “I recall having a personal realization that by taking care of my stomach, and having a proper digestion, I was able to digest Ama that wasn’t just from my day-to-day life but Ama that was present in my body from years and years ago,” he tells us.

Damian’s Site:

A note from the UMA Team: We produce The UMA Elements podcast purely to inspire, inform, and start conversations. While we sometimes feature the insight and advice of experts in the various fields of medicine, healing, and wellness, this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional care or advice.

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