We're All So Transparent: The Case for Beauty from Within

We're All So Transparent: The Case for Beauty from Within

vitality  word cloud on blackboard We are all so transparent. You, me, that girl next to you on your commute home. And I mean transparent rather literally here, in that what goes on within our minds and bodies is pretty apparent on our faces. Our skin and appearance are pretty dead giveaways of our state of mind and overall wellness.

Think back to breakouts that appear overnight during times of stress, or the scant number of compliments you receive on your appearance after two straight nights up working on that exploding deadline? The reverse, fortunately, is also valid. We are radiant and glowy, when we are happy and balanced, or in love. The connection between your mind and body is undeniable - even to the most skeptical of doctors and scientists, and while most of us are aware of it, we don’t embrace it enough.

Sometimes, we don’t back off even when we know that the all-nighter at work may end up causing three whole days of convalescence. Or we continue to try every anti-acne treatment in the market for months, without making any effort to resolve the underlying stress, which is a major driver of that sebum imbalance (yes, sebum imbalance is indeed why most breakouts happen!)

Yes, I understand life gets in the way. When you have a wailing baby or a screaming boss, it’s hard not to get stressed, and it’s hard to address that stress head-on because stress is not physically palpable. It seems easy to ignore. And yet, ignoring it is among the worst decisions we can make for our mind and wellness.

Stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights wreak havoc on your body and cause side effects that grow like cancers. So is all bleary and dark, and are all of us women juggling a zillion things basically doomed to a life of depression and poor health?

I came to a point where I almost resigned myself to that future, and then a remarkable thing happened. I left on a monthlong trip abroad, and along the way my medicine kit got lost. Traumatic I know, but hear me out.

I was suddenly deprived of sleep aids to help me get to bed and caffeine pills to help me wake up and stay alert through 18 hour days. Very worried, I called my mom, who struck a deal with me. If I meditated for a week straight, she’d send me those supplements. I know that this is where it starts to get trite and corny. But I share this story despite that because of the profound turning point in my life that event turned out to be.

I was blown away by what my body’s natural processes were capable of when put to use. It was the beginning of my interest in deeper exploration of my mind-body connection, and a clear milestone in my adult life when my health, wellness, even my skin tone started to improve rather dramatically. 

I know now that I’m most beautiful when I’m balanced. And I urge you to give that some thought, and effort. You’d be surprised by what you find. Ten minutes of meditation can mean several hours of a clear head and productive energy, staying connected with your family and friends can mean significant reduction in depressive feelings, an hour of yoga can mean a whole day of calm (and a rockin’ body!).

You know the answers intuitively, you just need to take that small step towards listening to that intuition. The possibilities are around us, we just need to make them a priority – because whether you know it now or not, your absolute wellness is absolutely the biggest priority!

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