Why Natural Is Always Better


  Rose essential oil Would you rather eat an apple grown in a lab that doesn’t go bad for months or one picked from a tree, smelling of healthy freshness? People’s preference for natural products has been revealed by numerous studies. But what is it that makes them so popular?

Natural products, whether used in health treatments or as food, have the great advantage of adapting to the human organism’s necessities. This means our body and skin are more likely to accept them in comparison with biochemically altered or synthetically created products.

Skin is one of our most sensitive organs, and natural skincare products are well tolerated by it, while synthetic products can often cause allergies, rashes, and other skin damage. Skincare based on natural products can make a visible difference on the way we look and on the way we feel. Having grown up in India using natural products and remedies all of my life, I went through a brief period of experimentation with products that were not so natural when I moved to the United States about ten years ago. While I shy of blanket statements, I can safely say that my reversal to a natural, organic lifestyle was definitely prompted by observable, not-so-positive differences in my appearance and overall sense of wellness when I was using non-natural products.

In my experience, products that were not naturally derived delivered very short-term relief, but with a long tail of side effects; my otherwise healthy skin was turning oily in patches and extremely dry in other areas, I was experiencing heartburn for the first time in my life, and I was slapping on make up to alleviate signs of not so sound sleep.

I first attributed these consequences to every other cause under the sun, such as travel or work, but eventually found relief only when I started switching back to my original natural product regiment for skincare and wellness.

Natural products felt intuitively right for me and I went back to trusting that intuition, as I tell many of my friends and family to. Natural solutions are all around us and integrating them into your lifestyle is rather straightforward once you consciously start to make that change.

Simply adding more water to your diet will show rapid impact on your appearance, switching out a high-chemical face wash with pure honey will make your skin glow like never before, and if you haven't tried turmeric or clove as an antibacterial agent,  please start now!

The benefits of natural products are particularly observable in the case of essential oils, and I have used them for practically all of my skincare and wellness needs all my life. The high impact of nutrients concentrated in a drop of essential oil is unlike anything else - they work amazingly on treating signs of aging (the amazing Rose, Frankincense, or Chamomile anybody?), helping you relax or diminish stress (try Calamus, Sandalwood, or the big favorite Lavender), in helping you get to bed (Vetiver and Marjoram are going to be your new best friends) or energize naturally (Goodbye Caffeine, Hello EucalyptusPeppermint and Rosemary)! And all this while not causing any addiction or side effects!

The extremely concentrated, pure elements of the plant's 'essence' (hence the term essential oils) distill the most potent of Mother Nature's most powerful therapeutic properties into wholesome drops of pure awesomeness! In summary, natural is the way we all began and the way we're headed to. So we beg you, try going au naturel, we promise you won't be going back! ginger

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