Spring Cleaning (The Beauty Edit)

Cold winter weather can do a number on your complexion (hello, redness and dryness!) — and you might find that it's time to hit reset on your skin routine as the seasons change. Synergy is the key to skincare, which is why we love to refresh our routine to align with seasonal shifts in weather, lifestyle and diet! Here are some of our favorite ways to update our beauty routine as we speed through spring and beyond.

1. Smooth Your Canvas

Exfoliation is a must when it comes to sloughing off dry, flakey skin, and promoting a visibly smoother and more radiant complexion. That's where our gommage exfoliating cleansers come in. What exactly is "gommage"? The term comes from the French word for "erase" — think of the gentle rubbing motion you use to erase pencil from paper. Gommage is the kinder and gentler alternative to traditional physical exfoliants, and we love the glow-boosting Ayurvedic formula in our Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser, which features potent botanicals like organic rose and calendula.

 2. Hydrate & Revitalize

Hydration is key — both inside and out. We recommend targeting post-winter dullness with a luminosity booster like our Absolute Anti-Aging Face Mask. Sandalwood, bentonite, and rose water target impurities and infuse skin with moisture, for a dewy complexion. For a DIY option, we love a homemade mixture of oatmeal, yogurt, and honey — this nourishing mask helps to both exfoliate and moisturize skin. 

3. Lighten Up

Warmer weather calls for lightweight hydration. We like to swap out our heavy face creams for a fast-absorbing moisturizer, like Beauty Boosting Day Face Oil. This antioxidant-rich daily oil features neroli and sandalwood essential oil, and soaks into skin quickly, making it the perfect choice to layer underneath makeup and your daily SPF.

4. Tame Your Frizz

Don’t forget your tresses! Depending on where you live, rising temperatures can mean increased humidity or major dryness, so we like to swap out our heavy conditioners for a lightweight oil formula, like Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil. This luxe blend absorbs in record time, and contains rich hydrators like moringa and grapeseed oil, along with clarifying botanicals like grapefruit and lemon extracts. The end result? Hair that's both shiny and frizz-free!


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