3 Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now

Whenever our week starts to feel a little lackluster, one of our perk-up-quick tricks is scrolling through the latest posts from our favorite bloggers. We know we’re not the only ones who go online for inspiration, and that the world of lifestyle bloggers is vast, which is why we’re sharing three of our top picks for who to follow right now. Each of these fabulous femmes uses a combination of aesthetic, wit and relatability to draw you in. Whether you’re interested in beauty, fashion or travel, these bloggers have got you covered and then some.

Damsel in Dior Bloggers

Damsel in Dior

Jacey Duprie is one of those bloggers who you can't help but adore a little. She has impeccable style—feminine and sophisticated without being stuffy—and a beautiful aesthetic in everything that she shares. Scrolling through her Instagram is a daily dose of escapism. Jacey often travels around the world and features gorgeous pictures from all of the locales that she visits. Follow Jacey for real life inspiration or for some killer daydreams.


Wit and Delight Bloggers

Wit & Delight

Kate Arends is a marketing guru and graphic designer by day, and a captivating lifestyle blogger by night. We love how Kate uses tomboy style elements to play up her femininity (who doesn't love a good over-sized white button down?), and that her design sense is modern, inspirational and just plain fun to look at. Something about the content she shares gives us warm fuzzies every time.


Cup of Jo Bloggers

A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard gives us a taste of parenthood, style and travel, all wrapped in delightful, witty packaging. This New York mother of two has worked for the likes of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Elle and is the former editor-in-chief of Italian magazine, Bene. Joanna and her team have clever features we can’t get enough of. We love the aesthetic of her travel and interior design posts and the perfectly captured “my beauty uniform” pieces in her style section. And you can’t help but love her thoughtful and funny relationship tips.

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