3 Ways to Boost Lymphatic Flow

Think of the lymphatic system as a fluid guard. A set of organs, tissues, and vessels that transport lymph (a fluid full of white blood cells), the lymphatic system protects again infection and disease, working non-stop to rid the body of waste, toxins, and any unwanted or foreign elements. This lymph flows through small glands called lymph nodes, where it is filtered. 

A healthy, flowing lymphatic system is essential for optimal health. Otherwise stagnation can cause ama—excessive toxins—to build up, which can lead to infection, disease, low energy, sickness, and a host of other potential issues. There are several ways to keep the lymphatic moving—all of which are easy, instantly beneficial, and enjoyable.


Moving your muscles, breathing deeply, and increasing the heart rate naturally supports the lymphatic system by encouraging the effective and continuous flow of lymph. While any exercise has the potential to greatly benefit this essential system, rebounding and underwater cardio have been touted for their ability to boost the lymph while staying easy on the joints. 

Dry Brushing

The ancient practice of dry brushing helps to exfoliate skin of any built-up toxins and dead skin cells, and stimulate the lymphatic system by helping it to rid toxins, waste, and other internal debris. The simple act of brushing the skin with natural bristles boosts oxygen and blood flow, promoting the healthy flow and drainage of lymph.

Salt Scrubbing

Manually scrubbing the body with mineral-rich Pink Himalayan sea salt (and other salts) is one of the most loving, enjoyable, effective ways to give the lymph a boost. Our founder, Shrankhla, likes to say that it "helps to shake things up" and draw out impurities and toxins. The trace minerals and electrolytes of potassium, calcium, and magnesium are an added bonus. 

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