A Simple Kundalini Meditation for Upping Energy and Relieving Stress

"I'm a big fan of a kundalini exercise called Ego Eradicactor, which is perfect for this time of year," says Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist Ali Cramer. This simple meditative exercise—which takes only a few minutes or less—can help to increase energy, expand lung capacity, reduce stress, and aid in resilience. Here, Cramer walks us through how to do it: 

Sit in a comfortable cross legged position. (You can also sit in a chair.) Make sure your spine is straight. Put your arms up in a big V for victory, and fold in your four fingers to the base of the knuckles, like you're making a soft fist. Extend your thumbs up (like you're hitchhiking). Close your eyes and take your internal gaze up to your third eye, in the middle of your skull. Begin breath of fire, a a quick sniffing breath in and out of your nose. It almost feels like a dog panting, but with your mouth closed. Start by doing this for one minute, and build up to three minutes over the course of a couple of months. That should get you to spring feeling bright and warm!

Take note: There are reasons to not do breath of fire, says Cramer. These include: if you are pregnant; on the first day or so of your menstrual cycle; if you have eaten within the last hour; if you get anxious or overheated easily; or if you have a headache. 

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