Anti-Aging Essentials: How Ylang Ylang Combats Acne, Aging Skin & More

You may have noticed ylang ylang becoming more popular in wellness circles, or you may not have heard of it at all. While it may not be as well-known in the West as powerhouse ingredients like turmeric or sandalwood, ylang ylang offers skincare and wellness benefits that are just as potent. 

A star-shaped flower native to India and Southeast Asia, ylang ylang has been used for hundreds of years to heal wounds, combat infection, alleviate stress and anxiety and more. Its sweet, lifting and aromatic scent makes it a popular note in perfumes. And beyond these benefits, ylang ylang is also a potent skincare ingredient. Its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties enable it to detoxify and heal the skin, leaving it more taut, youthful and radiant. 

At UMA, ylang ylang has always been a prized ingredient in many of our formulas, such as our hydrating and rejuvenating UMA Ultimate Brightening Face Oil and our UMA Flawlessly Firming Neck Chest & Décolletage Serum. Curious to learn more about why this sweet flower is such a powerful skincare tool? Here are 6 benefits of ylang ylang essential oil for the skin. 


Skincare Benefits of Ylang Ylang

It tightens pores

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, ylang ylang effectively tightens wide pores, leaving the skin looking more taught and youthful as a result. 

It combats wrinkles & other signs of aging

A powerful ingredient for combating inflammation and free radical damage, ylang ylang has long been revered as an anti-aging salve. Its antibacterial properties enable it to heal and lighten dark spots, while its regenerative, skin-tightening properties make it an effective weapon against wrinkles and sagging. As facialist Abigail James tells Glamour, ylang ylang “stimulates the growth of new cells, releasing tight muscles and smoothing wrinkles.”

It alleviates stress & anxiety

While this might not seem like a direct skincare benefit, research has amply demonstrated how stress is linked to acne, premature aging and more. Several studies have shown how ylang ylang oil boosts mood and alleviates anxiety, making it an effective way to reduce stress. That’s why we use it in aromatherapy products designed to induce tranquility, like our UMA Pure Bliss Wellness Oil and our UMA Pure Rest Wellness Incense.


It promotes clear, acne-free skin

Research has shown that the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties of ylang ylang also enable it to combat the appearance of acne and blemishes. Its ability to regulate sebum production helps to prevent breakouts from occurring, while its soothing, healing properties help it reduce swelling and irritation in existing breakouts.

It heals wounds

A natural antiseptic, ylang ylang’s purifying antibacterial and antifungal properties also make it an effective wound healer. It disinfects wounds and facilitates their recovery. It can also heal cracks or cuts that appear as a result of dry skin.

It provides deep hydration—without oiliness

In addition to these detoxifying, infection- and inflammation-fighting properties, ylang ylang also provides deep hydration to the skin, providing it with essential moisture and nutrients. At the same time, it doesn’t leave the skin with an oily, heavy look—in fact, its effect is quite the opposite, as ylang ylang effectively balances sebum production. As a result, the skin appears firm, hydrated and radiant. 

Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, treat acne, heal wounds or combat dryness, ylang ylang essential oil is a skincare salve you certainly don’t want to miss. 

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