At UMA, Beauty Isn’t Just External—It’s About Balance, Self-Love, & Inner Wellness

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At UMA, beauty isn’t purely a measure of external appearance—it’s an act of radical self-love that infuses our lives with balance, tranquility, and harmony with others and the world around us. We believe that channeling beauty is a process that proceeds from the inside out. In Ayurvedic tradition, our external appearance is deeply tied to our internal condition, and to the balance we establish between mind, body, spirit, and external environment. We must first treat ourselves with love and care, feeding our skin and body healthy ingredients and nourishing our mind and soul with meditation and reflection. Only once we establish internal balance and peace can our external beauty really begin to shine! 

Furthermore, inner beauty doesn’t only improve our mental health, physical health, and external appearance—it also drives us to make a broader impact on the world in ways that feel true to ourselves and our values. At UMA, our commitment to fostering inner and outer beauty within women is what drives us to create 100% organic, nourishing, and strengthening formulas that bring visible results for both beauty and wellness. By harnessing centuries-old Ayurvedic wisdom, we are devoted to helping women tackle the root problems of their ailments, and to providing solutions that are healthful, ethical, and lasting. We are also committed to sustainable methods of farming, and to giving back to the community of women in India where our farm is based. 

At UMA, beauty means a lot of different things, but most of all, it’s about nurturing a deep love for ourselves and the world around us. Here are 5 principles of beauty we strive to live by.

1. Beauty is about balance.

A central truth of Ayurveda is that our overall health derives from the attainment of balance between the mind, body, spirit, and external environment. In order to achieve such balance, we must look at ourselves holistically, understanding how what we eat, how we think about things, what we apply to our bodies, and other factors influence our overall well-being. We can’t achieve long-lasting external beauty without also maintaining our physical and mental health, and our sense of harmony with the environment. 

While it may feel like there are a lot of different factors to keep in mind, we have a lot of resources on our blog on how to attain balance in different areas of life. Our blogs on achieving a balanced weight and sleep schedule, understanding how our dosha affects our overall balance, and detoxing naturally are a few good places to start.

2. Beauty isn’t measured by external standards.

To us, beauty cannot be measured by any objective external standards, firstly because what makes one beautiful is the love that radiates from within! In addition, we believe that each woman expresses physical beauty in a unique and radiant way, and what makes one person beautiful is different from what makes another person beautiful. True beauty comes from practicing deep self-love and understanding what makes one feel confident. Our recently-launched Pure Love Perfume Oil, formulated with sensuous and spirit-lifting sandalwood and jasmine, was designed for just this purpose: it fills the wearer with confidence and seduction, allowing them to feel beautiful from the inside out.



3. Beauty comes from treating yourself with the finest ingredients.

The Ayurvedic approach to beauty differs from a lot of modern beauty practices in that it tackles the root cause of our ailments, utilizing natural and potent ingredients to bring long-lasting results from the roots outward. At UMA, our farming practices have been refined and perfected by our team of scientists so that each of our ingredients is nutrient-rich and remarkably effective.

 4. Beauty can’t exist without self-love and inner tranquility. 

In order to cultivate the most effective self-care and beauty practices, one must first cultivate deep self-love. When we actively work to cultivate self-love, feelings of self-doubt and insecurity melt away, and we can approach the world with renewed happiness and grace. This internal happiness and stability radiates outward, instilling our appearance with a natural glow and poise. You can read more about the radical power of self-love in Ayurveda here.

5. Beauty means embracing our role in the world and striving for social impact.

Cultivating self-love and inner beauty naturally fosters a love for the world around us—a love that then drives us to try and make a positive impact on that world. At UMA, we strive to make an impact in a number of ways, not least of which by creating products that can bring lasting results to women’s lives. In addition, we believe wholeheartedly in giving back to the community of women in which our farm is based, and in equipping women with the financial resources and skills they need to attain independence. Local women make up over 50% of our workforce, and we provide equal pay to all our employees. We also reinvest one-third of our annual profits back into our local community, and our farming and distillation processes have been designed for sustainability from their inception. You can read more about our commitment to social and ecological impact here.

At UMA, beauty is not defined by one’s external appearance—instead, it’s a process of cultivating love and care for both ourselves and the world around us. 

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