Elements and Obsessions: 5 Fulfilling Things to Do at Home—and Other Things We're Reading

At UMA, we're constantly reading, researching, discussing, and—to be frank—obsessing over what's new and noteworthy in the wellness ecosystem. You'll find what's intriguing us here, corralled in one place. If you have an article or idea to send our way, please email us at: contact@umaoils.com. 

Stressed about Coronavirus? Here's How Yoga Can Help via Yoga Journal

A thoughtful piece that provides more reason to embrace our warrior II pose. Yoga and Ayurveda help us to build an immutable foundation for wellness and a strong immune system. 

Her Incredible Sense of Smell Is Helping Scientists Find New Ways to Diagnose Disease via NPR

One woman holds a superpower that potentially identifies certain specific compounds, thus unlocking new ways to identify illness. 

How to Be Extra Safe with Your Groceries via The Cut

Taking extra precautions and maintaining strict social distancing is a must right now. But how do we handle the items that will inevitably be touched by others? One family practitioner breaks down his tips for keeping our foods as contaminate-free as possible. 

5 Fulfilling Things To Do at Home Right Now via Remodelista

Because we're all looking for some inside folly, these home projects are accessible, easy, and so so satisfying. 

Even in Social Distance You Are Not Alone via Darling Magazine

A beautiful poem that offers a grounding reason to pause—and an uplifting look at our current new normal. 

How Businesses Nationwide Are Handling Coronavirus via Bon Appetit 

In this collective and evolving piece, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, food businesses and more offer their stories of how the current pandemic has been impacting them, their customers, and their community. 

And lastly, something to consider: "Gratitude Tense"


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