Elements and Obsessions: The Difference Between Worry, Stress, and Anxiety—and Other Things We're Reading

At UMA, we're constantly reading, researching, discussing, and—to be frank—obsessing over what's new and noteworthy in the wellness ecosystem. You'll find what's intriguing us here, corralled in one place. If you have an article or idea to send our way, please email us at: contact@umaoils.com. 

Here's what's on our radar as of late:

The Difference Between Worry, Stress, and Anxiety via The New York Times

Chances are you experience all of these—worry, stress, and anxiety—at some point during your week, but do you know the difference between the three? One professor of psychiatry and one clinical psychologist clarify.

So You Want to Be a Climate Activist? Start Here. via Healthyish

The ways to advocate for the environment abound, as do like-minded people to guide us. The key to making an impact is to home in on what matters to you. Because, as writer Aliza Abarbanel writes, "we can’t stop climate change with tote bags and reusable straws alone."

One-Pan Brunch; Green Eggs and Olives via Jasmine Hemsley

We can't get enough of this warming, nourishing dish filled with broccoli, leeks, spring onions, watercress, and a grated courgette. A perfect meal for the tail end of Kapha season. 

Tiny Habits Are the Key to Behavioral Change via NPR

Small, realistic changes have the potential to accumulate into making life-changing impact, according to one behavior scientist at Stanford. 


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