Here’s How to Prep Your Skin for Makeup

When it comes to makeup, knowing how to apply it isn’t the only thing that matters. Making sure your skin is prepped and ready even before you pick up your foundation is equally as important. If your skin isn’t properly cleansed and hydrated, makeup can appear cakey and uneven. Knowing how to treat your skin before you start applying makeup is the foundation of a finished look.

With a little bit of TLC in the mornings, your skin can look plump, soft and glowy. Here’s how you can prep your skin so that your makeup can truly shine.

Step 1: Cleanse & exfoliate

Before anything else, the skin needs to be cleansed of dirt, debris, makeup or other elements that can interfere with a seamless, thorough application of products. Using a gentle, soothing cleanser can help clear the skin of impurities. 

When going through your prep routine, it’s important to pay attention to your own individual needs so that you can maximize its effectiveness. If you notice flaky, dry or peeling patches on the skin, for example, you can follow up your cleanser with an exfoliator (or, if you’re looking for a natural formula that both cleanses and exfoliates, you can try out our UMA Absolute Anti Aging Rose Honey Cleanser as a mask). However, as we’ve written about in the past, it’s important not to over-exfoliate, as doing so could actually stimulate the production of excess sebum. So again, customizing your routine to your individual needs will be crucial!

Step 2: Tone

After cleansing (and possibly exfoliating) your skin of excess debris and oil, it’s time to rehydrate and rebalance the skin’s pH levels with a toner. Again, you can customize the kind of toner you use to best suit your skin. Are you looking to combat age spots, dryness and other signs of aging? Our cooling, aromatic UMA Absolute Anti Aging Aloe Rose Toner might be right for you. Looking to boost radiance and glow? Try out our nourishing, hydrating UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner. Hoping to reduce acne, oiliness and inflammation? Our detoxifying UMA Deeply Clarifying Aloe Alum Toner offers a potent solution.

Step 3: Moisturize

Moisturizer is the last thing that you should apply before putting on your makeup, making it extra important to find one that sits smoothly on and penetrates deeply into the skin. If you’re experiencing extra dryness or looking for supplementary nourishment, you may want to consider applying a serum before your moisturizer. However, doing so is not necessary for everyone and might even have an adverse effect. As makeup artist Dick Page tells Into the Gloss, ”Makeup application gets more and more complicated with serums and primers,” often because “it separates and pills on the skin.”

When it comes to choosing the right moisturizer, you should consider your skin type in addition to external factors. In the summer, for example, you’ll want to ditch the heavy winter creams for more lightweight solutions. Whether your skin is oily, acne-prone, dry or combination should also inform how you choose a moisturizer. In addition, that moisturizer should absorb deeply and quickly into the skin so that you can start applying your makeup afterward. 

One way to ensure fast, yet potent absorption while effectively targeting your specific skincare needs is by incorporating a face oil as the last step of your moisturizing routine. Both lightweight and deeply nourishing, face oils are a perfect way to ensure that you attain your best summer glow—without any of the oiliness or stickiness.

And there you have it! The best makeup looks start with a powerful prep routine. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your makeup looks even, natural and gorgeous.

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