Ayurvedic Spice Cabinet: How to Incorporate Anti-Aging, Healing Turmeric Into Your Daily Routine

spoonful of turmeric


Vibrant, aromatic turmeric is a powerhouse ingredient that is lauded in Ayurveda for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. This versatile ingredient can add a delicious kick to one's cooking, or it can be used to make soothing, calming golden milk—however it's consumed, the benefits of incorporating turmeric into one's daily routine are immense. These benefits include reducing stress, improving immunity, boosting heart health and more. It also provides excellent anti-aging effects, evening and toning skin, combatting inflammation and boosting radiance. Furthermore, since turmeric is a heating substance that also contains light and dry qualities, it acts as a balancing ingredient for all doshas, making it an excellent addition to any wellness routine. (You can read more about the many benefits of turmeric here.)

In addition to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is an extremely versatile ingredient, one that you can incorporate into your routine in a number of different ways. Here are 3 different methods for utilizing this wellness powerhouse for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

As a Face Mask

When incorporated into a face mask, turmeric can reduce wrinkles and age spots, combat acne, remedy excess oil production, hydrate dry skin and more. You can make your own face mask with simple natural ingredients in your own home (we have a post here describing how to make different turmeric masks depending on your specific needs). 

We also have a number of our own face masks that incorporate this wellness superstar; each is formulated with targeted ingredients to support your various beauty needs. 

  • Our Absolute Anti Aging Face Mask combines the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of turmeric with tightening and brightening papaya, hydrating rose water and radiance-boosting sandalwood. The result is a potent, yet gentle exfoliating mask that combats wrinkles and unevenness, improves skin elasticity and produces a youthful, radiant glow. 



  • Our Deeply Clarifying Face Mask harnesses the purifying antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric, tea tree and neem to target impurities, banish blemishes and minimize irritation. 


As a Remedy for Burns, Wounds & Other Skin Damage

Beyond its capacity to boost the skin’s radiance and beauty, turmeric also serves as a healer, protecting and regenerating damaged skin. 

  • Healing burn marks: For minor burns, turmeric serves as an excellent natural alleviative remedy. While burns naturally fade as skin cells regenerate, this process can be sped up by applying aloe vera and turmeric to the affected areas. To do so, mix aloe vera gel with turmeric to form a paste of medium consistency; apply to burn marks and wash off after 10 minutes. Apply this mixture daily until the marks fade.
  • Reversing sunburn: While we know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, sometimes we find ourselves experiencing a painful sunburn after a bit too much time outdoors. To relieve sunburn, apply turmeric, cucumber and aloe vera to affected areas. If there are still red marks or sun spots after the burn has healed, you can add lemon juice to this mixture for extra-effective healing.

  • As a Calming Beverage

    Golden milk is a popular Ayurvedic beverage that has been gaining popularity in health and wellness circles for its calming, restorative and health-boosting properties. Beyond its ability to improve skin complexion and heal wounds, turmeric’s health benefits are numerous: it can relieve joint pain and inflammation, boost overall immunity, improve digestion, sharpen memory and mental function and more. By making a cup of golden milk, you can tap into these benefits while also experiencing deep calm and relaxation from its warming and soothing effects. 

    Golden milk can be made with a number of simple, everyday ingredients. Here is one simple recipe to try out: 

    Simple Golden Milk Recipe


    1 cup milk (either cow’s milk or other vegan options!)

    1 teaspoon turmeric powder

    Fresh ginger

    Optional: pinch of black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, coconut oil


    Combine all ingredients and bring milk to a simmer.

    Heat for 5-10 minutes, whisking frequently.

    After taking off the heat, adjust ingredients for flavor and add a bit of honey if you’d like a natural sweetener.

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