Pure Love Spotlight: Let Sparks Fly on Your Next Date Night with Our Pure Love Perfume Oil!

pure love perfume oil

We recently launched our long-anticipated Pure Love Collection, designed to reignite feelings of love and passion—not only in your relationships with others, but also in your relationship with yourself. In crafting these lush, aromatic Ayurvedic formulas, we wanted to introduce a refreshing, indulgent way to experience love during what has been a long period of disconnection and isolation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s perhaps no better way to let love and romance engulf you than with our Pure Love Perfume Oil. Precious, sensuous notes of rose, sandalwood, and jasmine create a delightfully seductive effect, surrounding the wearer with allure. What’s more, this intoxicating fragrance also instantly uplifts the spirit, imbuing the wearer with confidence, charm, and inner tranquility. This makes our Pure Love Perfume Oil not only perfect for a date night, but also for those mornings when we want to feel a little extra boost of confidence, or for those evenings when we want to settle into tranquility and warmth. No matter the occasion, this perfume oil will give you the kind of je ne sais quois that makes you feel luxurious with every step.

Pure Love Perfume Oil Ingredients: Sensuous, Uplifting Aromatics

Our Pure Love Perfume Oil is formulated with the most romantic and uplifting Ayurvedic botanicals. This elegant formula contains sweet floral notes of rose and jasmine and grounding, earthy notes of sandalwood, evocative of a breezy summer picnic and bouquets of fresh flowers. But these ingredients aren’t only romantic and brightening in scent—they also have a number of benefits for the skin and the spirit. 

How to Use Our Pure Love Perfume Oil

To use, simply apply the perfume oil directly onto clean, moisturized skin. For an even greater and longer-lasting impact, apply the oil on top of another moisturizer or oil. Here’s a tip for maximal confidence and allure: gently run a drop of this oil through your hair so that the sweet serenity of this aroma can engulf you all day!

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