The Productivity Tips and Advice We're Following

This current time is impacting us all uniquely—and similarly. Collectively, we are all  trying to grasp the moment at hand, the gravity of the issue. Individually, we are each forging ahead on our own exclusive journey. Some of us are working. Others are navigating a loss of work. Some of us are trying to spend these quieter hours contemplating, reading, and creating. Others are craving direction or structure. No matter what our situation is, one thing is certain: This time is truly unprecedented. 

With this unusual time comes a unique and wildly different look to our days—and for many, this means more time at home. (The UMA team has officially been working from home for more than a week.) And while this sounds like a luxury, and it is truly a privilege, it comes with its own challenges, particularly if you're used to a collaborative workday. In this light, we've corralled some of our best practices and favorite tips for staying productive, healthy, and as efficient as possible. 

Editor's note: While many of us are spending more time at home, there are brave people in the medical field—frontline responders—who are working to keep us safe and tend to the needs of the ill. This recent fund is working to raise money to bring the supplies and resources needed to those working in the face of COVID-19. Any and all donations will help. 


#1 Continue to Move. 

Do something physical every single day—ideally for at least thirty minutes. This can be a yoga practice, a virtual workout, or even some tidying-up of the house. The point is to keep the blood circulated and the mind sharp during the day. 

#2 Embrace the New Flexibility.

There are perks to working from home: Zero commute, for one. And often more freedom in terms of when you can tackle some of your tasks. The editors at Career Contessa suggest using "your flexibility to work at (and with) your most optimal time." Are your more efficient and creative in the early morning? Consider finishing your most pressing tasks then. "Conversely, maybe your most productive time is early evening," writes the Career Contessa editors. "If that particular time falls into acceptable work hours per your company, front load your work there." 

#3 Eat Well.

Cooking nourishing meals and maintaining a balanced diet for your dosha will help to keep your immune system strong and your body and mind in balance—which helps keep productivity high. This is harder right now as markets and grocery stores face higher demands, but there are still ample ways to prepare easy, simple, fresh things to eat that don't require a heavy list (or time commitment). (A simple kitchari is always a warming, hearty meal that keeps us full.)

#4 Maintain Office Social Habits

It's something we easily overlook if we normally work in a collaborative setting: Offices are more than places for work. "They're also an important part of our daily dose of social interaction and a source of many friendships," write the editors of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Which is why they recommend continuing to use  communications tools, be it Slack or Zoom, "to inspire creativity and keep a sense of normalcy."

#5 Set Boundaries Around Your Time and Space 

"So when you're working, you're working," says Paige Cohen from the Harvard Business Review. "And when you're not working, you're not." Give yourself a dedicated workspace—away from any distractions— and structure working hours (that work for you) to help you honor this.  

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