Yoga for Beginners with Kirthika S.

Kirthika has always been a health enthusiast & loved movement. She was introduced to dance & yoga early on in life. On the professional front, Krithika did her Bachelors's in Computer Science Engineering & Master's in Business Administration. After having worked in the corporate world for over 12 years & having lived across Asian countries like Singapore, China, Korea & Japan, she grew more passionate about managing her health & her family's health. With that intention, she has completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching her family & close friends. And fortunately, she finally found her true calling in Yoga & wellness. Krithika quit her corporate job & has been teaching, learning, and exploring Yoga & Ayurveda.

1. What are the first 3-5 things an individual can do to get started on a Yogic way of life? 

3 simple things anyone can do to get started with a Yoga journey are:

A. Acceptance: always start with a place of acceptance of your body & mind from where you are. One cannot start yoga from a place of hatred for self.. Any person with any condition can practice yoga!

B. Awareness: Being present in little moments of life & the simplest way of doing this is taking a few minutes every day to notice the rhythm of your breath, its as simple as that

C. Finding yourself a yoga teacher: Foundation of your practice will determine how consistent & how effective your journey will be. Every teacher brings in a part of their self, their experience to the class, so explore different classes with different teachers & find the one you connect with the most

2. Can you share a few examples of when you have seen Yoga at its most transformative, or essentially its best?

I see Yoga transforming lives including mine every day. But to name 1or 2,
1. I have seen my students who were struggling to conceive do it naturally after consistent practice
2. I have seen my students manage with extreme anxiety to now be comfortable & confident in their skin. It transforms you physically yes, but also mentally & emotionally for the best

3. Are there certain situations, persons, or diseases that you have found Yoga to be more valuable for?

Yoga is valuable for all persons with any condition. Anyone having a body & breath should move & will benefit from yoga & movement when done correctly :).

4. Are there situations or conditions you believe Yoga may not work, or that other modalities may provide greater impact?

Yoga is a way of life & in no way should be used as a substitute for your medical treatment. However, if you have any medical condition, adding yoga to your lifestyle (done under guidance) will only make your healing process all the more effective

5. What are some recommendations you have for someone to get the most out of their initial Yoga journey?

As a beginner,

1. Consistency is key: showing up every single time in your practice without fail is key to establish your practice & start seeing some results

2. Stop comparing & competing: While I leverage social media pages as a source for inspiring others to dwell into this journey of Yoga, it can also be sometimes daunting to see certain body types doing certain kinds of asanas, looking a certain way, a certain outfit. So stop comparing & begin your journey for yourself not for others.

6. When choosing a Yoga Instructor, what are some of the questions you recommend someone ask? Are there other things you recommend people research to ensure a good fit with their Yoga Instructor?

The only way to know if a teacher is a good fit for you is by trying his/her classes. One can look at the student reviews & the message that they share through their social media. But I have found so many amazing teachers who are not that big on social media. So best would be to try different teachers, either through recommendations or through student feedback that you may find relating to your requirements.

7. What are the top 3-5 Ayurvedic herbs you believe we all need in our lives? Do they have any caveats or contra-indications in some situations?

For me 3 herbs that I swear by for myself & family: Cumin, Amala, Triphala. Being a mom and an Ayurvedic student, I know one medicine or herb does not fit all.. so before consuming any of this, I would consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for the amounts depending on our current health state, dosha etc

8. What are the few Ayurvedic spices we must all have in our kitchens?

Few Ayurvedic spices we all must have in kitchen: Turmeric, Pepper, Ajwain

9. Could you share a favorite Ayurvedic recipe? (could be anything – an Ayurvedic breakfast or tea, a cold remedy, something for indigestion, or detoxing)

For me, Rice Kanji is my favorite especially when the stomach is not well. I heat up ghee, add a pinch of jeera along with hing/dry ginger, turmeric, pepper (sometimes coriander powder), add soaked rice & 4 times water & cook in low to medium heat..
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