Whether you’re struggling with frustrating breakouts in the midst of your pregnancy (or after your 30th or 50th birthday), it may sound far-fetched but we swear there’s a natural product out there that can actually help calm your angry skin.

Face oil.

We know that may sound even far-fetched, but let us quickly explain why face oils may be the saving grace of your blemish-prone complexion.

It’s a common misconception that oil is bad for your skin. Not the case at all! When you think about it, your body naturally produces oil to moisturize your skin—why would offering a substance with a similar molecular structure suddenly cause your body to react badly? In fact, using oils instead of heavily astringent products like alcohol-based toners or chemical drying agents like salicylic acid is far better for your skin in the long run. Drying your skin out signals to your body that it needs to produce more oil, which is what leads to the breakouts. Using face oils helps moisturize your skin with a substance it recognizes, and over time you’ll find that your skin’s oil production will begin to regulate itself. (We do want to say that all oils are not created equal, so in fact some oils can lead you to break out—i.e. Coconut Oil, which is often too thick for certain skin types.)

Essential oils are some of the most highly-effective, natural ways to fight off blemishes. If you’re a huge fan of products like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, these naturally-derived alternatives can be just as effective without leaving behind an inflamed complexion with flaky, dry skin.

Here’s our quick reference guide to the top essential oils you should use to beat breakouts:

Essential Oil

Benefits for Acne-Prone Skin

Clove Oil

Anti-microbial, combats infection

Tea Tree

Curtails the skin’s excess oil production

Clary Sage

Regulates the skin’s natural sebum production


Prevents the over-drying and breakage


Looking for a simple, all-in-one solution to treat acne?


Let us introduce:


UMA’s Deeply Clarifying Face Oil  

A potent, yet gentle, formula featuring clove, clary sage, tea tree and lavender essential oils to quickly beat even the toughest breakouts. This blend works beautifully to provide skin with the proper hydration, while also moderating overproduction of sebum caused by hormonal imbalances (monthly or otherwise), and helps gently fade any scars left behind by previous bouts of acne.

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