When you’re young, your skin renews itself at the healthy clip of once every 30 days. As you edge closer to 40, your skin begins to renew itself at a slower pace—every 45 days. While this slowing is a natural side effect of aging, it can lead to unexpected (and occasionally unpleasant) changes in your body, and we’re not just referring to the dreaded “M” word (aka menopause).

Around now, you’re probably starting to see some changes in your complexion and your hair. If you’re like us, for the first time you may be noticing that your skin isn’t looking quite as radiant or dewy as it used to. Or you’ve suddenly been hit by extra-dry skin, or dark spots, or you’ve begun to spot some fine lines around your eyes or your smile? If this sounds like you—we can relate.

We love the concept of aging gracefully (sans synthetic enhancements) which is why we’ve turned to the most pure, most effective, naturally-derived ingredients to prevent and repair fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and more. The use of essential oils to treat skin ailments, including those caused by aging, is a time-tested ritual that is recorded as far back as Ancient Egypt.

Here’s our quick reference guide of the top essential oils to treat your skin if you’re pre-menopause, pregnant or just suddenly noticing your body changing:





Aids cellular turnover to revitalize skin. Minimizes the appearance of scars and wrinkles.


Boosts luminosity and brightness. Reduces inflammation and counteracts hyperpigmentation.


Provides the skin with deep hydration. Rapidly reduces redness, and almost instantly brightens the complexion.


Aids the skin’s natural regeneration process, and in the improvement of elasticity. Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

But what about the unexpected changes that can happen to your hair? Luscious, wavy hair has suddenly taken on wiry, unmanageable characteristics, or perhaps your once full, lush strands have suddenly become thin and are beginning to err on the side of hair loss. Here, too, essential oils can help. Many hair oils that you’ve encountered—often featuring only coconut, jojoba, or argan oil—are meant to be applied at the ends to help your strands. But there are oils that can actually trigger an improvement in your hair at the root. Take a peek below for the best essential oils to use on your hair and your scalp to promote strong, healthy, lustrous hair:





Prevents hair loss, frizz and premature graying. Promotes hair growth, shine and volume. Balances pH of the scalp and reduces redness and itching. Reduces oiliness of hair & protects against split ends.


Cleanses scalp, removes tangles, stripsaway chemicals clogging hair follicles, and promotes hair growth.


Strengthens hair and rejuvenates the scalp.


Searching for a simple solution? Try these best-selling UMA options which feature all the essentials oils mentioned above—and more!




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