It’s time to acknowledge the truth: not all essential oils are created equal. It’s one thing to put “pure and organic” on a label and another thing entirely to stand behind it. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t pay the same price for a bottle of Dom Pérignon if you found out it was diluted. At UMA we’ve been striving for centuries to create only the highest quality blends, and in the same way that Dom Pérignon doesn’t compromise on their standards—neither do we.

How trustworthy are we?

Top beauty brands like Tom Ford, Estée Lauder and L’Occitane have relied on us as the supplier of their essential oils for decades, because we provide only the highest quality, most trustworthy essential oils.

What makes our ingredients so different?

All of our botanicals are raised on our 100-acre meadow, which was carefully chosen for its nutritious soil. Our dedicated caretakers select only the finest seeds, and nurse their plants through the growing season – making sure to harvest each plant no more than two times before re-planting. While this painstaking process results in a lower yield, it ensures unparalleled purity and therapeutic benefits in our oils.

We also feature some of the rarest essential oils in the world as part of our proprietary blends. You’ll find frankincense, sandalwood, saffron and more as some of the powerful actives in our formulas. In addition, we fervently believe that the most important characteristic of our products, other than their purity, is their efficacy. Which is why all UMA oils use 10-15 times more essential oil concentrations in our products than other similar brands.

How do we extract the essential oils?

Very few companies have our standards of purity when it comes to essential oils production – and consumers are often none the wiser.  There are several highly complex methods for extracting essential oils – and more sophisticated methods come with a higher price tag. At UMA we’ve never been willing to compromise on results and purity (as well as sustainability – we recycle all our waste and leftover water from production). Our chosen methods are distillation, expression and cold-pressing, and Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE). We never use solvent extraction or enfleurage to create our oils, as these methods result in weaker, less pure products.

You’ll never find anything other than 100% pure oils in UMA oils blends.

Unlike other brands that may dilute or add fillers their oils, you’ll never find any of those synthetics in any of our oils. Our brand was founded on the core tenets of Ayurveda, which means that we not only believe in doing everything using organic practices, we also wholeheartedly believe in sustainable farming and giving back to the earth. Which is why we turn our waste into fuel for our factories, and we recycle all of the water that’s used during production.

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