Yoga for Radiant Skin

You know that glow your yoga instructor always has? That bright, dewy complexion; those flushed cheeks. Yoga, turns out, is a powerful tool for radiant skin. While being an incredible form of exercise that boosts physical, mental, and spiritual health, the ancient practice can also help increase circulation and reduce inflammation, which both support the skin's health.

Implementing a few common yoga poses into your routine can have substantial positive implications for healthy skin—and overall wellness. (As with all exercise, remember to start slow. If you're a beginner, take your time with simple poses until you're gradually able to attempt more difficult ones. And drink water at the end of your practice—this will help further flush the body of toxins.)

Downward Facing Dog

This ubiquitous pose is an iteration of the forward bend. It helps combat the natural effects of gravity by allowing the head to naturally fall toward the ground. This forward motion encourages blood to flow to the face, bringing with it oxygen and other nutrients that support skin regeneration and fight free radicals.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

This simple pose allows your body to be still and for you to focus on deep, rhythmic breaths. Proper, efficient breathing aids in supplying your muscles with a steady source of oxygen— a crucial ingredient for healthy skin. The flow of oxygen into and out of the body keeps your systems running functionally and purges the body of toxins. Furthermore, Ujjayi breathing, an ancient breathing technique in yoga that involves breathing through your nose and completely filling your lungs while slightly contracting your throat, promotes mental clarity and focus.

Seated Twist (Bharadvaja’s Twist)

The Seated Twist encourages digestive health by helping to rid toxins and impurities from the organs, which can often manifest in the form of acne and other skin ailments. Deep, cleansing breaths are necessary when conducting this pose.

Warrior I

Physically strenuous, this pose increases the heart rate and circulation throughout the body. It also prompts sweat, an effective way to cleanse the body of impurities. Alternatives to Warrior I include the Chair Pose and Half Moon Pose.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

It seems incredibly simple but the corpse post is challenging for it requires total relaxation. This pose is an opportunity to meditate and do yogic breathing—deep, cleansing breathing coupled with a release of muscular tension throughout the body that allow for a natural sense of calm and reduction in anxiety. With consistent practice this can prevent visible signs of stress on the skin including wrinkles and frown lines.  

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