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Almond Extract

Almond extract is ideal for sealing in moisture. Rich in Vitamin E, protein, potassium, zinc and other nutrients, it can easily penetrate,  softening the skin. The vitamin E helps to revitalize, while the high protein content speeds up the appearance of younger looking skin, promoting rejuvenated and smooth skin. Almond extract can also help with under-eye circles, prevent signs of aging, and tighten up dull skin for a fresh, radiant look.
Aloe Recognized in Ayurveda for its healing properties, this plant was also beloved by the ancient Egyptians who used it in their burial practices for pharaohs. This cactus like plant has leaves that emit a gel when broken. This gel is highly restorative, calming and rejuvenates skin – especially for sensitive and aging skin-types.
Avocado Oil Avocado has a highly penetrative property that allows it to go deep to provide moisture. The vitamin E in avocado makes it a naturally plumping substance and makes skin appear even, bright and smooth. When applied topically, avocado oil provides some natural SPF to  protect the skin and hair from harmful UV rays. Oleic Acid and other fatty acids in avocado are known to help the body fight signs of aging.  
Basil Essential Oil

Originally found in Asia, basil essential oil is extracted through steam distillation. It has long been known for its abilities to sharpen the mind and help with focus and memory. As part of the Ayurvedic tradition, it was used for treatment of digestive problems, depression and animal bites.

Skincare Benefits: Basil essential oil is used to enhance lackluster skin tone and manage blemish-prone skin for a smooth, glowing complexion. 

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Basil oil is an energizing oil that stimulates the mind and allows you to focus and bring clarity to the task at hand. Its sweet aroma has long been used to clear congestion. It is also beneficial for management of aches and headaches and as a digestive supplement for indigestion, bloating and constipation.

Bentonite Clay


Calamus Essential Oil

Native to Europe and Asia, the calamus plant grows in marshy places. It was originally used as a tranquilizing sedative and as a flavoring for food. In Ayurveda, it is used as a tonic for the brain, supporting the functions of the nervous system and brain. Calamus essential oil is obtained through steam distillation.

Skincare Benefits: Calamus essential oil provides relief for burns and rashes, as well as boils and rheumatic pain.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Calamus essential oil works along with the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and easing symptoms of anxiety and stress. With an uplifting aroma, calamus essential oil can also boost your mood.

Carrot Seed Oil

 Also known as “Queen Anne’s Lace”, carrot seed oil was originally cultivated in central Asia and the Middle Eastern countries. High in antioxidants, carrot seed oil helps protect your skin from environmental assaults such as pollution. Carotenoids found in carrot seed oil can improve your skin’s ability to fight aggressors in the environment.

Brimming with moisturizing vitamin E and C, carrot seed oil can also rejuvenate skin cells and speed up the revitalization of skin. Carrot seed oil also moisturizes your skin and can help clean out your pores.

Cedar Wood Oil

 Cedarwood oil is dense with sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system. This essential oil is incredibly effective at stimulating hair follicles. Cedarwood acts as a highly soothing agent and when applied to extremely dry areas and reducing skin peeling and flaking.

Chamomile Essential Oil

 The chamomile plant is originally from Europe and western Asia. Belonging to the daisy family, the chamomile plant has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes since the time of the Ancient Egyptians.

Skincare Benefits: Chamomile essential oil leads the charge in promoting deep skin revitalization. It is rich in Azulene, a naturally occurring skin care compound, believed to assist in calming a wide variety of skin conditions because of its soothing and skin-improving effects. Chamomile essential oil can also help soothe skin irritations like excessive flaking and redness, cuts, bruises, sunburn and blisters.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: With its tranquil aroma, chamomile oil also soothes and uplifts spirits. It can manage feelings of anxiety, sadness, and sluggishness. Drinking chamomile tea can also produce a calming effect, soothe mouth sores and gum issues.


Used in Asian cultures for centuries, cinnamon offers many benefits. Often utilized in aromatherapy in combination with lemon, lavender, geranium and rosemary essential oils, cinnamon extract has been useful in many ways.

Skincare Benefits: Cinnamon cleanses skin on the scalp, can be used to manage excessively dry and flaky skin, and reduces signs of tired or aging looking skin. Cinnamon exfoliates dry and dead skin to improve complexion.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: In massage oils, cinnamon oil can boost flow. It’s important to note that cinnamon oil made only from the leaves should be used on the skin. Oil from the bark can cause allergic reactions.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

As a native species of Europe, Clary Sage essential oil was used as a medicinal plant for vision and eye health.

Skincare Benefits: An excellent balancer of oil, Clary Sage essential oil works in harmony with dry and oily skins alike. It has the unique property of signaling when to produce more sebum, and when to cut back, allowing the skin to establish a healthy oil balance from within. Its calming and soothing abilities can also help manage redness, flakiness and rashes for glowing, clear skin.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Clary Sage essential oil promotes stress relief, especially during times when the female body is undergoing major changes. Its mood lifting abilities can soothe tension and alleviate anxiety.


Clove essential oil is made from the evergreen clove tree flower bud. Native to India and China, it was traditionally used to soothe toothaches and boost the digestive system.

Skincare Benefits: Clove essential oil is useful in managing skin sores, and promotes rapid recovery of damaged skin. It can also be used to slow the effects of aging, by increasing blood flow to skin and rejuvenating the skin for less wrinkles and sagging.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Well regarded for its natural disinfectant properties, clove essential oil contains highly concentrated quantities of eugenol, a natural pain relieving compound that is often used in dentistry to manage pain from toothaches and other ailments. Clove essential oil’s antiviral properties also make it effective in boosting the immune system.


Originally from India, cypriol was traditionally used in aromatherapy. With a woody, earthy aroma, it can be used to treat ailments such as fever, skin infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and other uric acid ailments. For hair, cypriol can be used for its hair strengthening and scalp rejuvenating properties.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has powerful stimulating properties which makes it ideal for fighting the appearance of aging, dryness and blemishes. When applied topically to the skin, eucalyptus can improve skin complexion by fighting the imbalances that causes blemishes while making skin smooth and soft to the touch. Eucalyptus is also used for hair loss because it stimulates follicles and improves growth. The tingling sensation of Eucalyptus on the skin and scalp is refreshing and cleansing.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of wild flowers. It was used by Native Americans to make bandages and heal wounds, as well as to supplement their vegetable diet.

Skincare Benefits: Evening primrose oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as vitamins C and E. It is lightweight and ultra-absorbent, allowing it to deliver nutrients deep into the skin. Its botanically soothing properties calm irritation and counteract redness, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Evening primrose oil has a compound known as phenylalanine, which helps with management of pain relief and headaches. It also promotes stress relief, especially the distress associated with menstrual signs.

Frankincense Essential Oil Found in Somalia, China, India, Ethiopia and the Middle East, frankincense essential oil was traditionally associated with religious traditions and was used as incense in many cultures for thousands of years. In addition to being used for meditation, frankincense essential oil was also used in perfume and cosmetics.

Skincare Benefits: A powerful essential oil with cytophylactic properties, frankincense oil aids healthy skin function to revitalize skin and minimize the appearance of scars and wrinkles. Also known for its deeply soothing properties, frankincense essential oil has been a celebrated ingredient in natural medicine for centuries.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: With stress relief properties, frankincense essential oil creates balance in the body and mind, relieving feelings of anger and anxiety.
Fuller's Earth

Traditional textile workers (called fullers) would clean the raw wool they work with a mixture of clay and water. It is now widely used in face masks, due to its ability to absorb dirt and oil from the skin.

Multani Mitti’s is a clay well-known for its effective healing properties. Otherwise known as Fuller’s Earth, multani mitti helps unclog pores and manage the onset of blemisdes. The absorbing properties helps treat oily skin and primes skin for the ultimate absorption for other products.

Geranium Essential Oil Used traditionally by the ancient Egyptians to revitalize body tissues, Geranium essential oil has a floral, minty aroma. The oil is extracted from the leaves and stalks through steam distillation.

Skincare Benefits: Geranium essential oil is an excellent toning agent for skin, and helps enhance complexion and calm redness simultaneously. As a skin tonic, it can also provide ample nourishment to revitalize our skin cells for a healthy glow.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Both uplifting and calming, geranium essential oil balances the mind and body by relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.
Ginger Essential Oil Ginger essential oil has been a part of Indian and Chinese traditional medicine for over 3,000 years. Valued as a spice, delicacy and medicine, it was traded across Eurasia via Arabia as a valued commodity. It was traditionally used to treat digestive problems, respiratory conditions, and muscular aches and pains. Ginger tea is a popular Indian household remedy for the flu.

Skincare Benefits: With its spicy aroma, ginger essential oil is filled with antioxidant compounds which can alleviate the appearance of aging. Ginger essential oil also promotes youthful, clear skin by improving elasticity.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Warm and invigorating ginger essential oil helps with the management of cold and flu symptoms, and is often used as an aid in managing digestive issues and easing nausea. It also has energizing and uplifting properties to boost your mood.
Grapefruit Essential Oil Fresh, light and citrusy, grapefruit essential oil is cold pressed from the grapefruit rind and has an uplifting, revitalizing aroma. It leaves your hair shinier, more lustrous, and adds bounce. Grapefruit essential oil is also effective for cleansing your scalp, removing tangles, stripping away chemicals clogging your hair follicles, and promoting hair growth.

By boosting flow to the scalp, grapefruit essential oil promotes healthy hair growth with extra vitality. In addition, grapefruit essential oil is beneficial as a diuretic to manage bloating and digestive problems.
Grapeseed Oil Grapeseed oil first started gaining attention from scientists in the late 20th century, when it started being processed and sold in high volumes in Europe and the United States. With high amounts of Vitamin E, it has been used for cooking and skincare purposes.

Skincare Benefits: Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants and Omega-6, and can wield powerful calming action aggravated skin. It provides the skin with revitalizing moisture to prevent breakage and impurities, while naturally regulating the skin’s oil production functions, to prevent excess oil and blemishes.
Helichrysum Helichrysum is a flowering plant that is part of the sunflower family. The flower also yields itself to an essential oil that is highly effective in promoting beauty when applied topically. The presence of diketones aids in brightening dark spots and discoloration. Helichrysum has intensely moisturizing properties as well which diminishes dryness and fights appearance of aging by providing moisture to the skin for a youthful and healthy glow. This flower is gentle on the skin but powerful when it comes to its beauty boosting properties.
Hempseed Oil Hempseed oil acts as a protective barrier to the skin when applied topically. It both locks in moisture and locks out harmful agents like pollution and UV rays. The fats and lipids in hemp supply the skin with moisture which improves elasticity and radiance in complexion to bring life to tired or aggravated skin.
Hibiscus Oil Rich in amino acids, Vitamins A and C, and alpha hydroxy acids, Hibiscus is originally from Angola. Hibiscus oil is very effective at management of hair loss, frizz and premature graying, and in promoting hair growth, shine and volume. In addition to balancing the pH of the scalp, hibiscus can improve scalp health by reducing redness and itching. Hibiscus works as an astringent to reduce the oiliness of hair and protects it against split ends.
Honey More than a sweetener, honey has many multipurpose benefits that have been used for thousands of years. Honey’s antibacterial qualities make its blemish management capabilities highly effective while enzymes in honey keep pores clean and clear. Hydrating and humectant properties hydrate skin and helps skin retain moisture.
Indian Gooseberry Carotene and iron rich, indian gooseberry (amalaki) can help hair health by preventing the damage to hair follicles that can get in way of hair growth. It can enhance your natural hair color and prevent dryness by clarifying and restoring moisture to your scalp. Amalaki contains large amounts of vitamin C, and helps to pacify the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Jasmine Essential Oil Originally from China and Northern India, jasmine essential oil was traditionally used for ceremonial purposes and as an aphrodisiac.

Skincare Benefits: Jasmine essential oil has toning properties which are beneficial for the skin, and help overall skin health. It also improves elasticity, which can help the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: In addition to a pleasant scent, jasmine essential oil has a grounding and calming effect, and helps create feelings of relaxation – especially before bedtime.
Jojoba Oil Native to the deserts of North America, jojoba oil was used by Native Americans in cooking, medicine and cosmetics. It was used to treat sores, and as a salve for burns. Jojoba oil is extracted by cold-pressing.

Skincare Benefits: Jojoba oil is particularly effective in the fight against excessive oiliness and imperfections. Its molecular structure and consistency are similar to that of sebum – the oil produced by the skin – so this oil is able to rapidly penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients subdermally. Because of its similarity to sebum, Jojoba oil causes the skin to limit its natural oil production processes, mitigating the excess oiliness that can lead to blemishes. The tocopherols found in Jojoba oil are all forms of Vitamin E, which counters free radicals.

Jojoba does not have many uses in traditional Ayurvedic therapy except as a carrier oil. Jojoba should not be ingested by humans due to potential toxicity.
Juniper Berry Essential Oil Juniper berries date back to early Greek and Arabian physicians. They were traditionally used against contagious diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and the bubonic plague for their antiseptic properties. In addition, they were also used as a disinfectant and as a delicacy.

Skincare Benefits: With its astringent and soothing properties, juniper berry essential oil is helpful for reducing the appearance of inflamed or damaged skin, and promoting a more even and radiant skin tone.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Juniper berry oil alleviates tension, anxiety and stress. Aside from its calming properties, it is also believed to be an appetite regulator, particularly in the cases of bloating or overeating.
Kaolin Clay Used for hundreds of years in skincare products and medicinal treatments, kaolin clay is a soft, clay-like substance with extremely absorbent and penetrating properties. It is ideal for opening pores and cleaning out dirt, oil, pollutants and other impurities. Because of its ability to penetrate pores, kaolin clay is a good delivery mechanism for other skincare essentials. Its absorbent properties help wick away excess moisture or oil, keeping skin looking fresh and radiant. Kaolin clay can also promote a smoother, healthier complexion with skin balancing benefits. The high silica content also helps kaolin clay exfoliate.
Lavender Essential Oil Lavender oil has been used in therapy for more than 2,500 years. It was originally used by the Egyptians and Phoenicians as a perfume, and for mummification. Eventually, this sweetly scented oil became a prized commodity used to scent Roman baths. It was also used as flavoring and as insect repellant.

Skincare Benefits: A household favorite with a beautiful scent, lavender essential oil serves as an incredible help in the management of scrapes, rashes and burns. It also helps regulate excess oiliness and reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Lavender essential oil’s profound calming and relaxing effects are especially helpful in stress management, and also promote restful sleep.
Lemon Essential Oil Native to India, the lemon tree was brought to Europe by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages. Because it is so rich in vitamins A, B and C, an ounce of lemon juice was given to sailors in the Royal Navy to compensate for vitamin deficiencies.

Skincare Benefits: Lemon essential oil’s significantly helps the absorption of Vitamin C and can aid in the management of blemishes, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. It also smooths and rejuvenates cracked, dry areas, leading to brighter and more youthful skin.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Revitalizing with a fresh, clean scent, lemon essential oil is a natural mood booster and can help reduce anxiety and stress.
Mandarin Oil Mandarin is known to improve complexion and boost radiance. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, Mandarin oil helps to counter the appearance of aging. When applied topically to the skin, Mandarin can promote a bright, even skin tone and provide a youthful glow. It is also commonly used in the hair for shine and health.
Natural Camphor Camphor is a well-known folk remedy and is frequently used. For skin application, camphor can stimulate skin to manage symptoms such as pain and itching. This quality make camphor effective for reducing redness and soothing blemishes. Camphor, however, should not be ingested and should not be applied to broken skin as there can be irritation.
Neem Oil Neem leaves, an evergreen plant indigenous to India, are an all-purpose Ayurvedic remedy. They were traditionally crushed into a paste and applied directly to the skin for its multitude of skin protective effects. It can work as an effective way to manage blemishes and aggravated skin. Neem leaves are high in fatty acids and help to reduce redness. This is particularly helpful in regards to sores, burns or lacerations.
Neroli Essential Oil Extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, Neroli essential oil was first used in Italy as a perfume and to scent bath water. It takes about 1000 pounds of orange blossoms to make one pound of Neroli oil.

Skincare Benefits: Neroli essential oil rejuvenates and brightens the skin, creating a luminous, even skin tone. Its ability to help with the absorption of vitamin C aids the skin’s natural regeneration process, aiding in the improvement of elasticity, and minimization in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Using Neroli oil is also a great way to manage the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. With cytophylactic properties, Neroli essential oil boosts the health of existing skin cells.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Neroli essential oil is a powerful tool in relieving chronic anxiety and stress.
Nutmeg Nutmeg is beneficial for its healing properties. It works to reduce the appearance of acne scars and fight against blemishes and blackheads. Also praised for its soothing qualities, nutmeg has been used for managing the redness and flakiness that are caused by eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Aside from its skin benefits, nutmeg extract is also used in essential oils to improve your mood. It works to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation while boosting energy levels for an overall sense of wellbeing.
Orange Essential Oil The orange tree is indigenous to China and India and was brought over to Europe by Portuguese sailors in the 12th century. It has traditionally been used extensively for medicinal purposes, and was even a scarce commodity until the late 17th century.

Skincare Benefits: Orange essential oil is excellent for the skin, supplying a substantial dose of nutrients to allow the skin to recover rapidly from environmental attacks and dehydration. Its notable quality of helping in the absorption of Vitamin C can be helpful in combating oily skin and fighting blemishes for smooth, flawless skin.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Orange essential oil is a powerful tool when battling cold and flu symptoms. It is also beneficial in the management of irritability and anxiety.
Orange Peel Orange peel is an ideal ingredient for face masks because of its ability to brighten the complexion, remove blackheads, and cleanse the skin of surplus sebum. Its high vitamin C content combats free radical damage which can harm skin cells and cause premature signs of aging. Its high calcium content helps to rejuvenate the skin, renew old skin cells, and produce a radiant glow.
Papaya Extract Papayas were originally found in tropical regions like India and Central America and became popular after Spanish and Portuguese explorers brought this fruit to other subtropical lands. Papaya extract is a major component for healthy, glowing skin. With Vitamins A, C and E, this fruit can help to reduce redness and nourish the skin. The enzyme peptin found in papayas helps to smooth skin and produce a warm, radiant glow.

Papaya extract, rich in alpha hydroxy acids, is also beneficial in managing skin ailments such as breakouts, cellulite, and premature aging. Aside from exfoliating away dead skin cells, its nourishing properties result in hydrated skin.
Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil originates from Southeast Asia. With a deep, earthy fragrance, it was first used as a moth repellent and its aroma was pervasive in cloth and clothing exported from India in the 19th century. The signature scent became the indicator of authentic Oriental fabric traded into Europe. Patchouli essential oil is extracted through steam distillation. 

Skincare: Rich in patchoulol, this uniquely scented oil works efficiently to repair roughness and dehydration, thereby revealing balanced and revitalized skin. As an astringent, it also prevents sagging skin and the loosening of muscle tissue, giving it a strong anti-aging boost. 

Wellness: Patchouli essential oil has a grounding and balancing effect on overall mood, making it a powerful tool in anxiety management. It can also fight cases of fever by reducing body temperature and reducing inflammation. By boosting and optimizing metabolic functions like digestion and absorption of nutrients, patchouli essential oil can help to boost your digestive system and overall health!

Peppermint Essential Oil Native to the Mediterranean and Indian region, peppermint essential oil was used for indigestion and to soothe stomach pains.

Skincare Benefits: Containing menthol, peppermint essential oil creates a cooling sensation on the skin, which reduces redness, irritation and itchiness.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: This stimulating essential oil supports mental focus and acuity, and aids in overall alertness. It is also beneficial when managing congestion and other symptoms of cold and flu. In addition, peppermint essential oil can be an aid for digestion, removing excess gas and treating heartburn.
Pomegranate Oil Originating from the Persian region around 3,000 B.C., pomegranate oil was brought to the West by Spanish colonists in the 18th century. It has traditionally been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. In Ayurveda, the pomegranate has been used for treating ailments such as bleeding and diarrhea.

Skincare Benefits: Pomegranate oil is an ultra light, and highly absorbent oil, packed with vitamins A, D, E, and K. It is also rich in punicic acid, which has been shown in numerous scientific studies to boost collagen production and slows its disintegration, aiding in the prevention of wrinkles, as well as the improving the appearance of blemishes, wounds and scars. Pomegranate benefits also include natural soothing properties which dramatically reduce redness and brighten the skin.
Rose Essential Oil Rose oil is originally from Central Asia and is among the rarest and most difficult essential oils to extract. Harvesting of the roses is done by hand in the morning before the oil is distilled on the same day. Roughly ten thousand pounds of rose petals are needed to extract a mere pound of rose oil.

Skincare Benefits: Rose essential oil has excellent moisture retention properties, and provides the skin with deep hydration. Its astringent properties rapidly reduce redness, and almost instantly brighten the complexion. Rose essential oil is especially beneficial for maturing skin, especially during times of hormonal change.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Used as a natural sedative for tense nerves and a mood booster, rose essential oil stimulates a strong sense of well-being and positivity. It also improves your body’s circulatory system and boosts the immune system. Its sweet scent helps to soothe muscles, manage pain, and relax the body.
Rose Water Known for its vast array of benefits, rose water is a great option for all skin types. Rose water combats the appearance of aging by renewing skin and keeping it hydrated and nourished. In addition to balancing the skin’s oil production, the calming and nourishing properties of rose water are perfect for sensitive skin, helping to reduce redness and manage a plethora of aggravated skin conditions.

The sweet aroma of rose water can also be helpful in uplifting one’s mood and promoting relaxation.
Rosehip Oil Rosehip, the fruit of the rose plant, is ideal for brightening because it is densely rich in vitamin C. The high levels of vitamin E also make rosehip an ideal choice for improved skin health and complexion. The high amount of natural fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants work together to alleviate the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scars or burns and promote an even skin tone. Rosehip Oil can also be used to improve the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and wrinkles because of its ability to boost natural function and control free radicals that can cause signs of aging.
Rosemary Essential Oil Rosemary originates from the Mediterranean region and has a deep history dating back to the time of the Romans. It was traditionally used for a variety of purposes, such as incense, cosmetics, and medicine.

Skincare Benefits: Rosemary essential oil is rich in iron and calcium, as well as other vitamins and antioxidants, which boost skin function and naturally refine skin’s texture, to prevent visible signs of aging. It is very effective in treating oily skin and helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne scars.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Energizing in nature, rosemary essential oil is effective in promoting mental alertness and alleviating symptoms of fatigue. It can also manage the pain caused by headaches and migraines.
Saffron Saffron, an extremely rare and precious Ayurvedic medicinal, is ideal for speeding up healing processes, and improving the appearance of scars and spots for clear skin and a flawless complexion. In addition, saffron has pigment-lightening properties to promote glowing skin. One of the rarest and most exquisite spices in the world, this exotic plant has exfoliating properties which help to clear and brighten the complexion. Saffron also promotes circulation, helping to erase under-eye circles, fatigue lines, and wrinkles for healthy, smooth skin.
Sandalwood Essential Oil With a sweet, rich aroma, sandalwood essential oil has been used extensively in social and religious rituals in many cultures. Caravans carrying sandalwood were a familiar sight in Egypt, Greece and Rome, and Egyptians often used sandalwood oil for embalming. Sandalwood is native to India and sandalwood essential oil is extracted via steam distillation.

Skincare Benefits: With its unparalleled moisturizing properties and rich scent, sandalwood essential oil works in harmony with the skin’s natural functions to boost luminosity and brightness. It reduces redness and counteracts hyperpigmentation, thereby promoting even toned, youthful skin.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Sandalwood essential oil also regulates the body’s limbic function, to promote internal balance and mental calm. This reduces tension and anxiety, making it ideal when dealing with a hectic daily lifestyle.
Sesame Oil Sesame is ideal for improving elasticity, complexion and stimulating hair growth. The presence of vitamin E, helps to improve skin complexion by regulating impurities and free-radicals present on the skin. Vitamin E diminishes the appearance of blemishes and signs of aging while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution. Sesame oil can be applied topically to the skin, scalp and hair to improve shine and prevent breakage.
Tea Tree Essential Oil Originally from New South Wales in Australia, tea tree oil was traditionally used for a variety of medicinal purposes. With a fresh, camphor-like scent, it was used to treat tropical infections and infected wounds and was important for boosting the immune system.

Skincare Benefits: Tea tree essential oil works to regulate the skin’s sebum production while maintaining existing moisture, in order to aid in the management of breakouts and promote skin clarity. Tea tree’s unique dual action makes it an effective natural choice for managing the appearance of blemishes even as it soothes the skin.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: This potent essential oil is an immune stimulant oils, and keeps the entire body in excellent fighting shape! With its antiviral and antibacterial properties, tea tree essential oil is great for fighting against infections in the respiratory system.
Tomato Extract Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family and have been cultivated since the time of the Aztecs. Tomatoes were introduced to the rest of the world by Spanish explorers.

Tomato extract contains lycopene, which counters free radicals to prevent sun damage for a youthful, glowing complexion. Maintaining your skin’s hydration levels, tomato extract can also have anti-inflammatory benefits (Naringenin chalcone from tomato skin has also been shown to produce anti-inflammatory effects in mice), making it especially effective in managing blemishes, removing blackheads and tightening pores. Aside from giving you smooth, soft skin, its high vitamin C content helps to even out and brighten skin tone.
Turmeric Originally from south and southeastern Asia, turmeric was first used as a dye and a spice. has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for years to treat inflammatory and digestive disorders. Its main active ingredient, curcumin, helps to renew skin and accelerate the rate of healing. It can also help manage inflammation and neutralize free radicals, protecting the skin from damage. Turmeric is a key ingredient in anti-aging skincare, promoting skin elasticity and preventing the appearance of aging due to long term damage such as UV exposure. Turmeric also helps to manage blemishes, blackheads, and dark spots.
Vetiver Essential Oil Known as the oil of tranquility in India, vetiver essential oil was used in Ayurveda to treat health disorders like muscular aches, fevers, loss of energy, and fever-induced high temperatures. With a sweet, earthy smell, vetiver was considered a sacred herb and attributed to soothing, cooling and calming.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Rich in sesquiterpenes, vetiver essential oil is grounding and stabilizing. Its sedative effect also helps manage symptoms of muscular stress, and is especially effective at promoting relaxation at bedtime.
Watermelon Extract Rich in vitamins A and C, watermelon extract is vital for good skin health, tight pores, and to minimize excessive oil in the skin. Its high water content can help to hydrate your skin. As a rich source of antioxidants like lycopene, watermelon extract also helps protect your skin against free radicals. Watermelon extract is a great natural astringent, acting as a natural toner and tightening your skin.
Yerba De Tago Also known as false daisy, yerba de tago grows as a weed commonly in moist places all over the world. It was traditionally used to rejuvenate hair and as a powerful liver tonic. For hair, Yerba de Tago is used to manage the appearance of hair loss, premature greying and dryness of the scalp. It can be used as a hair conditioner to avoid split ends and revitalize hair for a softer, more lustrous look.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil With a sweet and flowery fragrance, ylang ylang is a romantic favorite. It has a long history in skincare and haircare, particularly in southeast Asia. Intended to bring a sense of calm and relaxation, ylang ylang flowers were often used to cover the beds of newly married couples in Indonesia. The name originates from the Philippines, meaning ‘flower of flowers’.

Skincare Benefits: Ylang ylang essential oil is a multipurpose essential oil which can be used on all different types of skin. Due to its moisture retention, sebum balancing, and skin rejuvenating properties, it is excellent for nourishing dry or irritated skin. Ylang ylang essential oil also relieves tension in the facial muscles, aiding in prevention of wrinkles and frown lines.

Ayurvedic Therapy Benefits: Ylang ylang essential oil works along with the nervous system to calm symptoms of anxiety, panic, and tension. Consequently, it also helps promote feelings of relaxation and balance, even in the face of external stressors.
Yogurt Extract
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