Kansa - the Hindi/Sankrit term for bronze - is derived primarily from copper, a metal very celebrated in Ayurveda for detox, and kapha-alleviating properties. Metals are traditionally used in Ayurveda as healers to negate toxicity within organs. Copper is revered in Ayurvedic medicine for helping restore better lymphatic function and drainage (a better working lymphatic system can help the body naturally detox, preventing many ailments and disease) - and you see it used in a wide variety of ways: as a vessel for water storage to enhance the healing abilities of drinking water, to wands for better circulation. The history of the metal dates back to the origins of Ayurveda itself - 5000 years or longer.





Kansa wands are used extensively in marma point treatments (a "marma" point is effectively an energy center in the body, and marma point therapy is believed to bring doshas and chakras into balance; marma therapies typically focus on stimulation of a subset of 107 of these marma points based on results you're trying to achieve - from allevation of back pain, to an all natural face lift).

Within skincare and beauty rituals in particular - a kansa wand can help enhance the stimulation of marma points in the face, leading to greater stress release and lymphatic detox - which in turn will result in a more rested complexion, a lifted, firmer skin appearance, and fewer inflammations. Use your kansa wand to enhance the application of pressure, or skillful massage, to alleviate the tension in muscles, and improve energy flow within marma points. To support lymphatic drainage (which involves much lighter pressure than massage) you will glide the tool with light pressure over your skin rather than getting into muscle. Copper is also a very conductive metal, and is a great "cofactor" in the presence of an enzymatic antioxidant to neutralize free-radical damage to the skin. Simply put, a kansa wand will even enhance the function of an antioxidant serum you may be applying to your skin, even outside of its amazing marma therapy benefits!


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