Our Favorite Books for the Summer

UMA summer reading recommendations

Need to pick up a good read for the rest of Summer? Start here with these recommendations that have recently inspired us in our day to day musings. 

For The Romantic

  • Where Rainbows End: Looking for a more modern tale? We recommend this 2004 novel, a epistolary love story between Alex and Rosie told through letters, emails, text messages, and newspaper articles. A book that captivates reader for a modern story on distance, new relationships and circumstances, Where Rainbows End will leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy through to the last page.
  • Wuthering Heights: We’re sure that you have probably heard of this classic and have never had the chance to simply read it. So try this classic piece of English literature by Emily Bronte for the romantic who’s not afraid of the complications derived from the mix of love, family, betrayal, and suffering.

For The Gal whose Summer Reading Lasts Until Christmas

  • Infinite Jest: This brilliant challenge by David Foster Wallace’s 1079 pages takes place in a dense and complex dystopian North America, revolving around tennis and substance abuse recovery. We do not dare try writing a summary fit for the scope of this novel, so you must try the novel yourself to see why it is acclaimed as Time Magazine’s 100 best English-language novels published since 1923.

For the Lover of Wit 

  • When You Are Engulfed In Flames: This collection of essays by David Sedaris will jump from moment to moment, chronicling the travels and characters that have left Sedaris intrigued and bored. Written in Sedaris’ humorous and engaging prose, each story will have you flipping for the next page and laugh.
  • Modern Romance: Aziz Ansari’s first book treats reader to a data-heavy and humorous analysis on the changing dynamics of dating. Exploring dating in the digital age through Ansari’s natural charm and humor, Modern Romance is a highly topical piece that helps define the current millennial era.

For the Philosopher

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being: By Milan Kundera, the story follows the political mayhem, the romance, and the weightiness of life that plague and ameliorate the lives of 4 lovers in Eastern Europe.

Because no reading list is truly complete without a Fitzgerald Classic

  • Tender is the Night: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final novel follows the crumbling marriage of a glamorous couple. Told through flashbacks, this accomplished work mirrors Fitzgerald’s own relationship with Zelda Fitzgerald. With themes of romance, mental health, and innocence, the novel closely examines the troubles entangled in the fleetingness of youth.
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