Voices of UMA: Q&A with Rose on Ayurveda for Inner Balance and Peace

Rose with her son

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At UMA, we love hearing from people who have developed their own unique relationship with Ayurveda. We also know that Ayurveda can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, especially if you’re unfamiliar with its beliefs and major practices. One of our main goals is to explain Ayurvedic practices so that they are simple and actionable for our audience—and we do this through our informational Ayurveda page, our blog, and our podcast. Through our newest feature, Voices of UMA, people from the UMA community share their own experiences with Ayurveda. That way, they can serve as a model for others in similar situations, and a community dialogue can start to build around best Ayurvedic practices. 

For this Voices of UMA feature, we spoke with Rose, who has used Ayurvedic wellness and beauty products and practices to find balance in her life—both as an individual woman and as a mother. By making time in her day to practice meditation, use wellness oils, and engage in practices of meditation and mindfulness, Rose has been able to bring greater peace to her own life and to her relationships with those around her.

Voices of UMA: Q&A with Rose on Ayurveda for Inner Balance and Peace

Hi Rose! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with UMA and Ayurveda with us. To start off, can you share how you came to learn about UMA and talk a bit about your relationship with wellness more broadly?

I first heard about UMA through Goop. One of UMA’s wellness oils was featured on the Goop website, and it caught my interest because it appeared to have Ayuverdic roots, which I’d developed an interest in a few years ago. When I investigated further, I was thrilled to find that UMA’s are not only rooted in Ayurveda, but they’re also built to address specific moods or attitudes, like “calm,” “rest,” and “energy.” So, I thought I’d start with the Wellness Oil Trial Kit, and that turned out to be a great decision because I was exposed to each oil’s benefits. After 3 weeks of use, I committed to making larger bottle purchases. 


Wellness for me, especially now as a mother, means answering this question: How can I fill my cup until it runs over every day? As a mother, it’s important to me that my cup runs over with life and energy so that my son receives from a mother who is full and giving. This is not an easy thing to do every day. But I try and when I succeed in doing so, I’m fuller and happier and more present with my 1-year old son. My husband and I are also more patient with each other, and our family dynamic is healthier.

It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to enjoy UMA’s wellness oils as part of your daily routine, and that you’ve worked toward developing a routine that allows you to feel full enough to give to others—especially your son. What exactly does your wellness routine entail, and what are your favorite wellness practices?

So, what does filling my cup look like? Meditation. Rest. Exercise (at the very least having a 30-minute walk every day). Studying scripture—whatever scripture I’m interested in at any given time. It means practicing presence. Mindfulness. In-depth reading. Trying not to cling to opinions too strongly, and allowing my mind to be changed upwards. Gratitude. Full body awareness—understanding what my body is telling me it needs or doesn’t need more of.

This last point is where Ayurvedic practices have been helpful. I lean more towards being a Kapha, and understanding that has been extremely helpful. Overall, meditation, studying scripture, and praying occur at some point before 7 am during the week, especially. It is the only way I’m able to keep a sane and focused week.

The practices you describe require a lot of mindfulness, diligence, and motivation, and they certainly provide major benefits to our wellbeing with ourselves and those around us. As you mention, in addition to being your own individual self, you’re also a mother and a wife. How else do you see wellness as playing a role in your relationships with others, including your family? How has your relationship with wellness evolved as you’ve assumed these new roles?

Being in tune with my well-being has been the one thing that has offered me real peace. When I’m not in tune with my own well-being, I’m not at peace. That is all to say, that peace has become my metric of success in any given part of my life. And I find that when I take the time to be in tune with my body, and when I am at peace, I am a better human being to deal with, and a better human being to those around me.

It’s lovely Ayurvedic practices have played a role in allowing you to develop that peace and self-attunement. Part of our mission at UMA is educating those who may be new to Ayurveda or mindful beauty and wellness practices more broadly. Do you have any advice for those who want to develop their own relationship to wellness, but aren’t sure where to start?

Start with one practice that brings you peace or calm, and that also translates into growth. Any practice that lets you come into contact with your real self more frequently, that silences your inner constant chatter even for a moment, is worth pursuing. For me, intentional reading (not mindlessly browsing the internet) on a daily basis was extremely beneficial at the start of my wellness journey and still is. Also, studying something that is completely out of my depth helps keep my mind open. For someone else, it may be a simple bath before you go to bed. A song. An oil that you use in the mornings or at night. If you take time to identify that practice and actively choose to give it to yourself, your relationship to wellness will grow from there.

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