Why Choose Uma

The World's Finest Beauty & Wellness Oils

The World's Finest Beauty & Wellness Oils 


UMA combines time-tested Ayurvedic traditions with innovative techniques to produce elixirs that are remarkably potent and efficacious. Each product works on the spiritual, sensorial, and dermal level, cocooning the skin in nutrients and hydration; balancing and centering the body; and elevating and easing the senses.

The blueprint for UMA products comes from formulas rooted in the first principles of Ayurveda that have withstood thousands of years of rigorous use—and have consistently delivered results.

Ayurveda is the oldest science of natural medicine, originating in India more than 5000 years ago. A healing system, Ayurveda is revered for its focus on synergy of the body and mind. Shrankhla's family has unparalleled mastery and experience in critical elements of Ayurveda. For years, her ancestors were the Ayurvedic doctors for the Indian royal family. And for centuries, the UMA estate has farmed and crafted the world’s finest organic oils, securing the coveted role of trusted supplier to the world’s most prestigious beauty brands, ranging from Tom Ford to Estée Lauder.

Combining this wisdom with Shrankhla's current access to the most natural ingredients and revered Ayurvedic practitioners, UMA offers the world's finest Ayurvedic beauty and wellness products available today—that surpass any synthetic counterparts and create lasting results.



Our team of scientists has refined every step of the organic farming process so that each ingredient is nutrient rich and remarkably effective, yet gentle enough to be used on the most finicky skin. The results speak for themselves: 


  • Over 1000 women have tested Uma’s proprietary formulas and have reported seeing visible improvement to their skin’s brightness and clarity.
  • 93% of users said they saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Customers also found that Uma’s formulas provided relief from cosmetic skin issues like redness, acne scarring, sun damage and general sensitivity.
  • Dermatologists recommend Uma for rapid healing after chemical procedures.
  • Over 65% of our buyers are repeat customers.




Uma is rooted in the philosophy that beauty, wellness and a fullfilled life go hand-in-hand. The health of your skin and mind are deeply interconnected.

This is why our two distinct yet complementary lines of Beauty and Wellness products work synergistically to bring unmatched vitality to your skin and your mind.

Our blends enhance your natural outer radiance and help restore inner balance, delivering complete wellbeing.




The Uma estate has a long history of providing safe and dignified employment for women. We take great pride in the fact that local women make up over 50% of our workforce—and that we are community leaders by providing equal pay for equal work to both men and women. All operations at our estate are conducted using the Ayurvedic belief that humans live in harmony with our environment: everything that we take from the world around us should be given back in equal amounts. Our customers become a part of this virtuous cycle by allowing us to meaningfully give back to our community and our environment.