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Body Type
Skin Type
Emotional & Mental State

As a child, what were you like on the playground?

You’re at a party and heaping your plate with carb-loaded pizza and cake. How do you feel at the afterparty?

You had to attend an important meeting or deal with an urgent task at mealtime. If you had to do without lunch, how would you react?

You’re just trying on those form-fitting jeans — what do they hug the most or even get stuck?

If you’re not hitting the gym regularly, what changes would you be likely to see?

As a child, what were you like on the playground?

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

Sorry, but we have to ask…how are your “trips to the little girls’/boys’ room”?How do you tend to sleep?

What’s your skin like?

Tell us about your lovely locks…

If you had to choose your spirit animal, which one do you feel the most kinship with?

What’s your workplace personality like? Do you take one for the team?

What are your dreams usually like?

Which of these phrases defines your money mantra?

When life gives you lemons…how do you deal with the hard-to-talk-about stuff?

It’s Motivational Monday. Choose your favorite inspirational quote.

What is your definition of an ideal day?