Essentials oils are natural oils having the characteristic fragrance and properties of the plants from which they are extracted, typically via steam distillation, solvent extraction or expression. Highly fragrant and very concentrated, individual essential oils and essential oil blends have been used for centuries in natural therapy techniques (such as aromatherapy) for their curative effects on a variety of issues including anxiety, stress, irritability, and lack of sleep, as well as for natural skin care.
Carrier oils, derived from plants, are so named because they carry (facilitate the absorption of) essential oils into the skin. Essential oils are often very volatile and require a medium, like a carrier oil, for effective absorption into the body. In some cases, appropriately chosen carrier oils help enhance the properties of the essential oils they carry. Unlike essential oils, which are typically extracted using complex mechanisms and large quantities of the parent plant or flower, carrier oils are typically cold pressed, and as a consequence, are relatively inexpensive when compared to essential oils. Examples of carrier oils include Jojoba oil, Argan oil, and Coconut oil. In formulating our oils, Uma takes a very different approach from current industry practices. Our oils are rich in essential oils and light in carrier oils. We use the bare minimum of carrier oil necessary — a concept previously unheard of in our industry — to ensure you get the most potent blend of essential oils offered today. Furthermore, the majority of our blends use rare, nutrient rich Pomegranate Oil as a carrier oil, so you are always assured a truly high quality and potent product.
Ayurveda is a system of natural medicine that originated in India over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda has been long revered for its long-lasting results and its focus on curing the root causes of skin and wellness issues rather than merely the symptoms. It is one of the most ancient systems of natural healing, with an emphasis on detoxification and the mind-body connection. Ayurveda leverages a variety of core components, including use of herbs and natural compounds, yoga, and lifestyle modifications, to prevent and heal modern day ailments.
Aromatherapy is a practice that uses the natural aromas and properties of essential oils to deliver health benefits and overall wellbeing. The natural aromas and components of essential oils act as triggers that stimulate bodily functions to harmonize and balance themselves, promoting healthy body function and providing relief from common ailments like anxiety and stress. Specific aromatherapy oils typically focus on regulating specific natural functions within the body (e.g. lavender essential oil, which is especially effective for stress relief). Over time, use of aromatherapy strengthens the body’s natural processes so they can effectively regulate themselves and neutralize crises.
Pomegranate oil, with its extremely small molecule size, penetrates the skin rapidly and effectively, delivering the active essential oils to skin’s epidermis so that they can go to work as quickly as possible. Pomegranate oil performs like a serum, delivering the best of both worlds – absorbing rapidly, while promoting deep moisture retention. Furthermore, it is loaded with anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamins A,D,E and K which deeply nourish the skin. Read our full article on the benefits of this miracle oil.
Natural oils harvest differently each time so slight difference in color or scent is not only normal – it’s almost expected! Minor differences will almost always exist with a completely natural product, based on the batch of its harvest. At UMA, we deliver each product and ingredient to you in its purest, most unaltered form – so you may see slight differences between batches but rest assured it is the same potent formulas and ingredients that you love. We hope you’ll love our true colors!
As noted, UMA ingredients are grown and harvested on our estate in India. As of 2016, there are no USDA certifying agents in India precluding our ability to become USDA certified. However, we are certified with local regulatory bodies that fall under NPOP agreements with the USDA. You can find the list below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information – we love to chat! ISO 9001 Indocert (NPOP-USDA certifications for Indian produced organics) Bureau Veritas Certification/ BVQI (NPOP certification) Europe: CNPP registered and verified
Each UMA oil is designed to boost the underlying health and vitality of your skin, so it is not necessary to combine the oils in one use (though you can if you wish!). If you want to use two of our oils, apply one in the evening and one in the morning. And you can alternate which oils you use every couple weeks if you would like to use more than two.


Each of our wellness oils contains a unique formulation of essential oils which have both trans-dermal (through the skin) and olfactory (through sense of smell) aromatherapeutic benefits. In order to fully enjoy them we recommend completing our 6 point patent-pending ritual with just one oil. You can certainly use more than one oil during the day, but we recommend spacing it out (for example: use one in the morning and one in the evening). Also, we encourage you to use the oils when you wish to target a specific concern (example: pure energy when you need a boost to get through the day).
Keep in mind the “lightest to heaviest” rule of skincare. The oils can be worn over many light moisturizers and serums, but should be worn under thicker products like creams or heavy moisturizers. Of course, the oils can stand alone in your skincare routine as well. Face oils can also be worn under makeup, and can actually help enhance the appearance of makeup (read our tips on using face oil to enhance makeup here). We also always recommend the use of sunscreen and that should be applied over the oils (or at the end of your regimen).
Using UMA’s face oils should actually help calm your skin and fight breakouts! We often hear from customers they they’re shocked at how much quicker they get over a breakout after using our oils than they do with other acne-targeted products. It’s a common misconception that using oil on your skin is bad for you. Not the case at all! When you think about it, your body naturally produces oil to moisturize your skin—why would offering a substance with a similar molecular structure suddenly cause your body to react badly? In fact, using oils instead of heavily astringent products like alcohol-based toners or chemical drying agents like salicylic acid is far better for your skin in the long run. Drying your skin out signals to your body that it needs to produce more oil, which is what leads to the breakouts. Using face oils helps moisturize your skin with a substance it recognizes, and over time you’ll find that your skin’s oil production will begin to regulate itself. We do want to say that not all oils are created equal, so in fact some oils can lead you to break out. (I.e. Coconut Oil, which is often too thick for certain skin types.)
Our oils are gentle enough to be used AROUND the eye area – so upper and lower eye lids are fine. However, as with any skincare product, please exercise caution that the product doesn’t get into your eye. Ensure that you’re not getting too close to the actual eye and don’t use so much product that it might actually drip into the eye. It won’t harm the eye per se, but may cause discomfort if inside the eye. We recommend sticking with our Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil that's specifically formulated for the more sensitive area around the eye.


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