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From our Founder, Shrankhla Holecek: "Detoxes are so central to Ayurvedic medicine that they're the first step in any treatment you might undertake - be it for clearer skin or better mood! The rationale being that all ailments within the body stem from a fundamental imbalance, with toxins often being a leading cause of that imbalance - and hence must be eliminated before any systematic treatment can be effective. Panchakarma is the crown jewel of Ayurvedic detoxes and pretty intense - to say the very least. Involving therapeutic vomiting and oil enemas (!), this detox must be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and often involves a 5-7 day (sometimes longer) stay at the facility in question. I love, however, that in the typical Ayurvedic tenet of moderation, there are plenty of daily detox tips that take 2 minutes or less to exercise but can have a huge impact on your beauty, wellness and general health overall."

We designed this beautiful detox and nourish kit to get you started on this fulfilling journey of healthy detoxing, supple nourishment and the daily joy that comes from true balance. 



Vegan | Gluten Free | 100% Natural | Cruelty-Free

Formulated without:

Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates.



A long-treasured family secret, the UMA Absolute Essential Self-Massage Oil combines celebrated strengthening and nourishing ingredients with the indulgent aromatic headiness that is the hallmark of our beloved Ayurvedic formulas. Featuring some of the most revered Ayurvedic oils like Arjuna, Brahmi and Mustard, this wholesome formula adds an additional layer of comfort and delight to the ultimate ritual of self-care: the Abhyanga self massage.


The Ayurvedic ritual of Oil Pulling has been practiced in India for centuries, and the way we supercharge it at UMA is by bringing in vital oral-health ingredients that take its already superlative benefits to the absolute next level! The result is a highly efficacious oil pulling treatment that draws out toxins, freshens breath and whitens teeth from the very first use – and with its pleasing flavor profile featuring mint and clove, it will delight as much during its use, as it will with its results.


A stunning addition to your self-care – and skin care ritual – UMA’s Lymphatic Detox Dry Brush features all-natural bristles and a pure-wood handle that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you can access all parts of your body with ease. The bristles are firm but soft, combining the functional powers of deep lymphatic detox with a gentleness that makes it suitable for the most sensitive of skins. Adorned with our gorgeous trademarked floral pattern, this beautiful dry brush is here to enhance the splendor of your skin – and your shower!


To create the UMA Pure Palate Tongue Scraper, we harnessed the experience of our community artisans who have crafted these Ayurvedic Jihwa prakshalana (tongue purification) tools for centuries, and have a deep understanding of the structural integrity best suited to deeply cleanse the tongue, and with great ergonomic ease. Created from pure copper, which is celebrated in Ayurveda for its anti-microbial and detoxification properties, the UMA Tongue Scraper is the perfect addition to your oral hygiene ritual, and will delight new and veteran scrapers alike with its stunning design and ease of use.


The philosophy of Nabhi Chikitsa (navel therapy)) tells us that the body’s center serves as a foundation for balance in adulthood, because of its richness in blood vessels and pathways to the body’s extremities. Due to this high density of blood veins in the area, absorption of oils through the navel pathways is strong. With our Navel Oils, we bring this centuries-old focus on nurturing the body from its core to you.

UMA Luxury Experience Gift $85

• Absolute Anti Aging Face, Anti Aging Eye Oil, Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil – 3.5 ml
• Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil, Absolute Anti Aging Toner – 7 ml
• Absolute Anti Aging Cleanser, Deeply Clarifying Cleanser, Absolute Anti Aging Face Mask, Deeply Clarifying Face Mask, Ultimate Brightening Face Mask – 5 mg

UMA Printed Clutch $25


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