Uma Farms and Operations

Because our oils are cared for exclusively by our trusted team throughout their lifecycle, we are able to guarantee a consistently exceptional quality across our products. Our distinctive approach of using minimal quantities of carrier oils allows us to offer you the most potent, high impact blend of essential oils. This handcrafted, small batch, time-tested Uma approach means you always get consistent quality and sourcing—a promise that extends from our family to yours.Using the highest quality botanical ingredients sourced from our family farms in India, Uma oils are entirely natural and completely organic. Our entire staff of aromatherapists and formulators is trained in the art and science of Ayurveda, so that every formula honors tradition while delivering modern efficacy.

As we are committed to your lasting skin health, radiance, and holistic vitality, Uma oils use only the most natural, organic, highest quality ingredients—no matter the cost. The Uma team rallies around the vision of creating the highest quality and the highest impact products. You will never hear talk of a “lower cost option”, and you will often see our formulators cycle through bushels of a plant or flower crop to select only the finest raw materials. Our chief blenders have epic intellectual battles over the percentages of oil in a formulation, and our farmers are notorious for turning away seed suppliers that are anything but superlative.

Our staff of Ayurveda doctors and Ph.D. formulators have spent decades working with essential oils, and are passionate about bringing you powerful blends that combine the known beneficial properties of each essential oil. Our farming and harvesting team in India is our family, and have built lifelong careers with us.It is this deep experience, commitment to quality and track record of results that result in our extraordinary products and ingredients, infused with both expertise and love.

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