Uma’s Wellness Oils are highly targeted, therapeutic blends that leverage generations of Ayurvedic expertise to manage frustrating modern ailments, such as anxiety, low energy or difficulty going to bed. Our in-house experts blend 100% organic essential oils in exacting proportions, for botanical remedies that rival their traditional counterparts – without the harmful side effects. Distinct from our line of face oils and traditional massage oils, wellness oils are applied to specific pressure points within the body – and given the high concentration of therapeutic essential oils, you only require 3-5 drops at a time.

Our essential oil blends strike a balance between efficacy and indulgence, and promote physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium with each use. Our farm-to-bottle essential oils are some of nature’s purest, and most effective, organic compounds – delivering dramatic improvements to issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety, and lethargy. Peppermint essential oil, for example, dramatically boosts energy and mental focus, without the crash in energy level that can accompany caffeine supplements. Frankincense essential oil is another powerhouse, and can relieve the physical and mental stress that may accompany a tough day at the office.
We choose from over thirty essential oils – each with its own unique characteristics – and blend each combination to perfection. These essential oils are carried in nutrient-rich, absorbent oils like jojoba oil and evening primrose oil, so they may rapidly penetrate the skin. Once in the bloodstream, active compounds work directly with the brain and nervous system to restore balance and counteract irregularities. Our wellness oils are also deeply sensory – stimulating the nasal function, and triggering smell receptors in the brain’s limbic system, to better regulate emotion and memory. When applied according to Uma’s unique application technique, which targets the body’s unique pressure points, our wellness blends deliver rapid and long-lasting relief. Try one of our unique essential oil blends for a restorative and luxurious experience that will rival a day spent at your favorite spa!
How to Apply Essential Oils? Learn about Uma’s patent-pending wellness technique in the video below, or download our handy guide right here.
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