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  • The Journey of a Drop

    The Journey of a Drop

    We’ve given you a sneak peek into UMA’s essential oil production process, but have you really thought about what it takes to create our highly potent and precious oils? From growing and harvesting the plants to extracting, formulating, and bottling the oils, it’s no easy feat. Especially considering every step of the process is done entirely on our heirloom family estate in India with...
  • 5 Green Beauty Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

    5 Green Beauty Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

    Chances are you know a lot of beauty truths. For one, eating chocolate doesn’t cause acne. And antioxidants fight free-radicals. But when it comes to natural beauty, so much false information is floating around it can be hard to get to the truth. We’re here to dispel some of the biggest myths out there. Knowledge is power! Myth #1: If it’s natural it’s good...
  • How to Switch your Skincare Routine to Winter

    How to Switch your Skincare Routine to Winter

    The one downside to sweater-weather? Chilly winds that cause dry, dull-looking skin. Begin to transition your skincare routine early in the season, to smooth your way into the cold territory while keeping a natural glow. We’ve rounded up 3 easy tips to help keep your skin healthy and dewy year-round. Plus, a surprise oil launch we hope you’ll love! Exfoliate, exfoliate Yes, you heard...
  • The Many Masks We Wear

    The Many Masks We Wear

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” — Kurt Vonnegut We all wear masks. We pretend to have it all together, to be strong when we feel like crying, to be someone we are not. In a world where what you wear and how you look can determine your worth, it’s easy to...
  • Know Your Oils: Pomegranate

    Know Your Oils: Pomegranate

    Pomegranates are a delicious fruit, a great source of essential vitamins and antioxidants and generally pretty to look at. It is no surprise then, that pomegranate essential oil is chock full of the same benefits that the fruit offers, just in a molecularly beneficial way. It is also why pomegranate oil is one of UMA Oils' hallmark ingredients. Learn more about what makes it such an all-star in...
  • The Best Anti-Aging Oils

    The Best Anti-Aging Oils

    Anti-aging skin care takes many forms and the variety of products out there can make it hard to find which products are right for you. A good place to start? With natural ingredients proven to be effective, and that repair and heal without the lingering side-effects of synthetic beauty products. In this handy guide (complete with an easy to share infographic!), we pick our favorite,...
  • Neroli: Nature’s Best Anti-Aging Secret

    Neroli: Nature’s Best Anti-Aging Secret

    What’s better than freshly squeezed orange juice? Or, for us essential oil nerds, pure orange essential oil? We all love oranges for their health (and skincare benefits) but today we wanted to educate you about orange blossoms, and the exquisite oil they produce called neroli. Those beautiful white blooms are not just good for decorating, they hold the secret to your best skin ever,...
  • The Best Oils For Dry Skin In The Summer

    The Best Oils For Dry Skin In The Summer

    Dry and damaged skin isn't just a winter problem. Too much sun exposure and outdoor activities during the summer can leave skin feeling a little worse for the wear. Add to that the harmful effects of some of the drying chemical peels you may have turned to to treat your acne - and your skin may be in need of some serious rehab. Here are...
  • An Inside Look at UMA's Essential Oils Production

    An Inside Look at UMA's Essential Oils Production

      It's time to acknowledge the truth: not all essential oils are created equal. It's one thing to put "pure and organic" on a label and another thing entirely to stand behind it. Think about it this way. You wouldn't pay the same price for a bottle of Dom Pérignon if you found out it was diluted, right?  At UMA we’ve been striving for...
  • 5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Face Oils

    5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Face Oils

      Forget what years of applying creams, lotions and moisturizers have taught you about skincare. When it comes to face oils, you're probably doing it wrong. Face oils are a unique skincare experience, and one that takes a little getting used to. But we promise it's easy to learn, and totally worth the trouble. Here are five common, and easy-to-correct, mistakes that will change your face...
  • The Surprising Story of Indian Sandalwood

    The Surprising Story of Indian Sandalwood

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    [caption id="attachment_5477" align="aligncenter" width="600"] source: Pat Saltmarch, Flickr[/caption] One of the most potent, and precious, essential oils that we use is sandalwood. It’s a rare ingredient that is difficult to find now, even though it has had a long history of use in cultures around the world. This week, we’re taking you on a virtual trip to India so you can discover the history...
  • Why Women are Picking Rose Oil over Roses this Valentine's

    Why Women are Picking Rose Oil over Roses this Valentine's

    Valentine's Day is almost here! And we’re not about to disrupt your dreams and fancies with our weekly dose of tips and tricks. So we picked a topic that fits right into your mood board. Yes, right above that red cupcake you’re going to cheat with, and next to those red pumps that you’re going to indulge on (you totally deserve both): Roses! Here...
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