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  • The Ayurvedic Guide to Summer Eating

    The Ayurvedic Guide to Summer Eating

    If there ever were a season to want to feel great in your skin while staying strong against all the temptations, it's summer. We get it. And fortunately so does Ayurveda. This 5000-year system of medicine has created the perfect summer eating plan—full of ancient wisdom to keep you feeling and looking healthy.
  • The Ayurvedic Summer Diet

    The Ayurvedic Summer Diet

    Summer particularly is the time that Pitta of the tridoshas dominates. To mollify the aggressive pitta of the summer, start by avoiding hot, spicy or pungent foods (these typically aggravate pitta). Within fruits, avoid sour fruits such as green grapes, sour plums, and grapefruit. Do eat sweet fruits like apples, avocados, dark grapes, and sweet pineapples. For vegetables, load up on asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, and green peppers while trying to avoid beets,...
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