Anne Sage Dishes on LA Life, Beauty and Her Design Tricks

Anne Sage Dishes on LA Life, Beauty and Her Design Tricks

Anne Sage Blog and Book
We'll admit it—we have a crush on Anne Sage. The Los Angeles based design and decor aficionado is a published author, her book Sage Living is as beautiful as it is wise, publishes a stunning blog that covers everything from style to dining to personal growth, and her Instagram account @citysage is gorgeous! On top of that she also co-founded the delightful online lifestyle publication, Rue Magazine, and contributes to other publications regularly.  Despite her aforementioned busy schedule, Anne let us steal some time to ask her our burning questions—check out the inside scoop on her beauty favorites, her life in LA and, of course, her best design tips. 

UMA: What are your top three spots to eat, drink, and shop in LA? 
A: Eat: Winsome in Echo Park has the best breakfast in town, and decor that will have you picking your jaw up off the floor!
Drink: I'm not much of a drinker, but the cocktails at Bar Ama have even me raising a glass.
Shop: Platform in Culver City has the best of everything: Get a coffee at Blue Bottle, splurge on accessories at the Freda Salvador/Janessa Leone pop-up, try on sunglasses at Linda Farrow, and pick up a few things for the men in your life at Magasin!
UMA:  You have impeccable taste in design and decor. Your book, Sage Living, and your blog are visually stunning! Do you have any go-to brands and/or stores that you find yourself coming back to time and again?
A: You guys are too sweet! I definitely have some go-to's for homeware. Consort on Melrose is full of inspiration and well-priced unique accents; Okay is great for barware and gifts; and for furnishings, I do love the accessible modern mix at CB2.
UMA: For someone who's trying to update their living space or give it some new life, what would you suggest they tackle first?
A: Never mind a shopping trip to add new things to your home; the most effective way to update a living space is to purge it! Get rid of anything you haven't used in over six months. Strip away the excess. Live with your blank slate for a while, and only begin to fill it back up with careful consideration. Repeat the process regularly! 
UMA: Please share 3 of your must-have beauty finds—ready. set. go!
A: S.W. Basics Exfoliant smells like oatmeal cookies. Need I say more? 2. Shea Moisture has a divine rose body lotion that smells like heaven and soothes my dry skin. 3. Uma's new hair oil, of course!
UMA: You've shared some inspiring thoughts on centering yourself and your adventures in, let's call it, The Great Pursuit of Self-Love. Have you discovered any helpful self-care tips or tricks that you could share with us?
A: Find a guided meditation recording on Youtube that resonates with you and make it your go-to when you're feeling stressed. Everyone responds to something different, so sample a bunch until you find one with elements that consistently ease your frazzled nerves. I love the British accent and ocean waves on  this one. It puts me to sleep whenever I'm up late restless!
For more fantastic suggestions, stop by Anne's Blog or pick up a copy of her book, Sage Living.

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